Winter 2020-2021

K-1 Grade Division

Champion - Wolves - Will Lewis, Tommy Lewis, Campbell Rudy
Tommy Cassin, Brayden Stecko

MVP - Campbell Rudy

Most Improved - Dexter Weigandt

Defensive Player - James Phillips

2nd Grade Division

Champion - The Megs - Griffin Gardner Connor Page, Woodson Cody
MVP - Connor Page
Most Improved - Peter Goel
Defensive Player - Griffin Gardner

3rd Grade Division

Champion - Hello Sixers - Isaac Yang, Kevin Lavelle,  

George Krivickas, Charlie Steingo

MVP - Charlie Steingo
​Most Improved - Breckan Anderson

Defensive Player - Kevin Lavelle

4th Grade Division

Champion - Fire - Brooks De Palo, William Jackson, Owen Bloom, Jack Hearn

MVP - William Jackson
​Most Improved - Sam Saccaro
Defensive Player - Jack Hearn

5th Grade Division

Champion - Platypuses - Paul Liang, Nate Gold, James Beagan
Tyler Leonard

MVP - Nate Gold
​Most Improved - Reed Ettelson
Defensive Player - Paul Liang

6/7th Grade Division
Champion - The 38'rs - Owen Foster, Ford Ross. Cullen Hughes
Graham Huntington, Charlie Logue
MVP - Charlie Logue
​Most Improved - Graham Huntington
Defensive Player - Ibrahim Shaik

8th Grade Division

Champion - Beavers - Charlie Hoffman, James Turansick, Finn McCabe
Luke Campbell, Wesley Urbanowski
MVP - Luke Campbell
​Most Improved - Kavi Singh
Defensive Player - James Turansick

Girls Grades K-1 Division

Champion - Chicken Nuggets -​ Maggie Denfeld, Corinne Anderson
Millie Martin, London King

MVP - Corrine Anderson
​Most Improved - Millie Martin
Defensive Player - Scarlet Moritz

Girls Grades 2-3 Division

Champion - Team Fears - Mirabel Mensheha, Harper Gerster, Cate Fischer
Quinn Gerba, Annabel Mauceri, Harper Rundall
MVP - Quinn Gerba
​Most Improved - Harper Lively 
Defensive Player - Harper Gerster

Girls 4th Grade Division

Champion - Sharks - Angelina Pesha, Annabelle Pastor
Stella Shafer, Reese Ronan

​MVP - Annabelle Pastor

Most Improved - Stella Shafer
Defensive Player - Charlotte Armsby


Girls 5/6th Grade Division

Champion - The Dream Team  - Ellie Shafer, Lily Rich
Stella Murphy, Alexis Bornhoeft, Ryan Vender, Grace Riley
​MVP and Defense - Ellie Shafer
Most Improved - Emma Gardner

Fall 2020

K-1 Grade Division

Regular Season 1st Place: Dream Team 8-2

Scoring Title: Brendan McNelley - Los Angeles Goats - 8.4ppg
Champion - Dunkin Dudes - Luke Martin, Wyatt Kelley, Michael Dyer,

James Phillips, James Phillips, Dexter Weigandt

2nd Place - Dream Team
MVP - Lincoln Levinson - Ball Crushers

Most Improved - Graham Fitzgerald - Dream Team

Defensive Player - James Phillips - Dream Team

2nd Grade Division

Regular Season 1st Place: Ghost Peppers 8-2
Scoring Title: Gavin O'Neil - No Name No Problem - 7ppg
Champion - Ghost Peppers - Bryce Callahan, Anderson Burek,

Ben Roberts, Chase Coleman, John Kately, and Jackson Smith
2nd Place - The Megs
MVP - Gavin O'Neil - No Name No Problem
Most Improved - Anderson Burek - Ghost Peppers
Defensive Player - Avin Mehra - Mambas

3rd Grade Division

Regular Season 1st Place: L.A. Goats 10-0
Scoring Title: Cameron Orzoff - Ramona Mustangs 14,2ppg
Champion - L.A. Goats - William Levi, Brendan McNelley,

​Jackson Jerome, and Michael Ambrosino

2nd Place - Bulls
MVP - Brendan McNelley - L.A. Goats
Most Improved - William Levi - L.A. Goats
Defensive Player - Cameron Orzoff - Ramona Mustangs

4th Grade Division

Regular Season 1st Place: The Hustlers 10-0
Scoring Title: Tyson Adrianopoli - The Hustlers - 12.7ppg
Champion - The Hustlers - Brady Moritz, Tyson Adrianopoli,

Reid Househoulder, Landon Ginsberg, and Jack Roberts

2nd Place - Buckets

MVP - Tyson Adrianopoli - The Hustlers
​Most Improved - Jaxon Yamada - Covid Crushers
Defensive Player - Denym Wallace - Flying Chickens

5th Grade Division

Regular Season 1st Place: Big Dogs 10-0
Scoring Title: Nate Gold - Striking Cavaliers - 13.9ppg
Champion - Big Dogs - Diego Aceves, Christopher Jewett,

Lukas Peterson, Ben Ojala, and Nick Livatino

2nd Place - Vikings
MVP - Ben Ojala - Big Dogs
​Most Improved - Obayd Hussain - Vikings
Defensive Player - Lucas Peterson - Big Dogs

6th Grade Division
Regular Season 1st Place: Team Fears 10-0
Scoring Title: Jayden Armstrong - Team Fears - 12.7ppg 
Champion - Team Fears - Jamari Fears, Jayden Armstrong,

Robert Mitchell, Pearson Daverman, and Justin Williamson
2nd Place - 43'rs
MVP - Jamari Fears - Team Fears
​Most Improved - Matthew Logue - 43'rs
Defensive Player - Jayden Armstrong - Team Fears

7th Grade Division

Regular Season 1st Place: Wolverines 9-1
Scoring Title: Mason Bloom - The Bulls -  18.8ppg
Champion - Big Baller Company - Niall Panchal, Emmett Koshkarian

​Bryden Dohnal, Danny Houlihan, and Will Peters

2nd Place - Wolverines

MVP - Grant Ettelson - Wolverines
​Most Improved - Maks De Palo - Skunky Donuts
Defensive Player - Mason Bloom - Wolverines

8th Grade Division

Regular Season 1st Place: Fishing Ballers 7-3
Scoring Title: Jeremiah Fears - Bucket Boyz - 22.8ppg
Champion - Fishing Ballers- Grant Lyons, Trey Meyers,

Colby Smith, and Ryan Ambrosino
2nd Place - Bucket Boyz
MVP - Colby Smith - Fishing Ballers
​Most Improved - Thomas Terry - Team Thomas
Defensive Player - Jeremiah Fears - Bucket Boyz

9th Grade Division

Regular Season 1st Place: Certified Ballers 10-0
Scoring Title: Jeremiah Fears - Certified Ballers- 21.4ppg
Champion - Bulldogs - Patrick Rocchio, Stephen Samartzis,

Gavin Smith, and Danny Birmingham

2nd Place - Terminators

MVP - Jeremiah Fears - Certified Ballers
​Most Improved - Danny Birmingham - Bulldogs
Defensive Player - Sam Forst - Ballerz

10-12th Grade Division
Regular Season 1st Place: Team Fears 10-0
Scoring Title: Matas Buzelis - Team Fears - 20.7ppg
Champion - Team Fears - Jay Adebayo, TJ Lee, Jeremy Fears Jr.,

Ante Acosta, Jeremiah Fears, and Wunya Brown
2nd Place - Team Polo
MVP - Jeremy Fears - Team Fears
​Most Improved - Tyler Van Gorp - Dinosaurs
Defensive Player - Lucas Michel - Team Polo

Girls 4th Grade Division

Regular Season 1st Place: Laser Cats 9-1
Scoring Title: Izzy Allen - 7ppg - Laser Cats
Champion - Laser Cats - Stella Rydland, Izzy Allen,

​Kess Williamson, and Coco Parr

2nd Place - Hornets
​MVP - Izzy Allen - Laser Cats

Most Improved - Annabelle Pastor - Hornets
Defensive Player - Coco Parr - Laser Cats

Girls 5/6th Grade Division

Regular Season 1st Place: Spicy Jalapenos 10-0
Scoring Title: Ellie Roberts - 8.5ppg - Spicy Jalapenos
Champion - Spicy Jalapenos - Caroline Bailey, Ellie Shafer,

Ellie Roberts, Victoria Wainscott, and Megan Sheehan
2nd Place - The Swish Kebobs
​MVP - Ellie Roberts - Spicy Jalapenos
Most Improved - Lily Burek - Harper Girls
Defensive Player - Victoria Wainscott - Spicy Jalapenos

Spring 2021

Boys Grades K-1 Division

Regular Season 1st Place: Cobras 9-1

Champion - Shadows - Michael Dyer, Dexter Weigandt

James Philips, Wyatt Kelley

2nd Place: Cobras

Scoring Title: Campbell Rudy

MVP - Campbell Rudy

Most Improved - Graham Fitzgerald

Defensive Player - Timmy Grady

Boys Grades 2-3 Division

Regular Season 1st Place: Trevians 10-0
Champion - Trevians - Charlie Fitzgerald, Beckett McAllister

Walker Jacoby, Jake Morton

2nd Place - Fireballs
Scoring Title: Charlie Fitzgerald

MVP - Charlie Fitzgerald
Most Improved - Ari Gassel
Defensive Player - Henry Medhurst

Boys Grades 4-5 Division

Regular Season 1st Place: Ballers 10-0
Champion - Chips - Caden Merrick, Charlie Roth
Oliver Plahn, Dylan Sears, Max Chudgar
2nd Place - Ballers 
Scoring Title: Cody Vukovich
MVP - Elliott Baxter
Most Improved - Reid Householder
Defensive Player - Landon Ginsberg

Boys Grade 6 Division

Regular Season 1st Place: Uknown Team 8-2
Champion - Unknown Team - Jake Carrasquillo
Benjamin Hamm, Simon Stoltz, Jack Parks, Ryder Householder
2nd Place - Fruit Loops
Scoring Title: Ford Ross
MVP - Ford Ross

Most Improved - Jonathan Jaworski
Defensive Player - Donsley Lyman

Boys Grades 7-8 Division

Regular Season 1st Place: Big Baller Company 10-0
Champion - Big Baller Company - Emmett Koshkarian
Danny Houlihan, Will Peters, Nate Feeley, Jack Mullman
Niall Panchal
2nd Place - Aiom
Scoring Title: William Daw
MVP - William Daw
Most Improved - Max Flemma
Defensive Player - Brady Phillips

Girls Grade 1-2 Division

Regular Season 1st Place: Dolphins 8-2
Champion - Dolphins - Rosie Lombardo, Emily Macklis
Elodie Romatier, Margaret Lubawski, Maddie Mott
2nd Place - Chicago Bulls
Scoring Title: Teagen Earnest
MVP - Teagan Earnest
Most Improved - Elodie Romatier
Defensive Player - Maddie Mott

Girls Grades 3-4 Division

​Regular Season 1st Place: Lazer Cats 9-1
Champion - Lazer Cats - Maya Alford, Izzy Allen, Coco Parr
Ruby Heffron, Hannah Shane
2nd Place - Tie Die
Scoring Title: Charlotte Armsby
MVP - Izzy Allen
Most Improved - Liesel Slee
Defensive Player - Coco Parr

Girls Grades 5-6 Division

Regular Season 1st Place: Crusty Dinos 9-1
Champion - Lazer Cats - Ellie Roberts
Caroline Bailey, Sophie Klie, Grace Murphy
Lily Pietrafetta, Elise Delhommeau
2nd Place - Clap It Up
Scoring Title: Ellie Shafer
MVP - Caroline Bailey
Most Improved - Ellie Roberts
Defensive Player - Maeve Walbrun