League Code of Ethics



  • Players should always be respectful to their teammates, opponents, coaches, and refs. Treating others as you would want to be treated. Cheer on your teammates and help them out by encouraging them and giving them constructive criticism.
  • Always show sportsmanship towards your opponents.
  • Fighting and profanity are never allowed.
  • Players should always respect the referees. At no time ever should a player challenge a referees decisions. Leave that to the coaches.
  • Players should stay off the court until his/her game begins.
  • Players violating any of the code of ethics will be handled on an individual basis. Consequences will be determined by the General Manager and Owner.
  • If a player has a conflict with a teammate, opponent, or any other concern let the site director know.


  • We ask the parents to respect the referees as well as always showing good sportsmanship to the opposing team. This means not talking to the referees or the refs during games. As well as not coaching your child(s) or other people child(s) during  games aside from encouragement. Of course we understand the passion of sports parents share with their kids but keep it in a fun encouraging manner that stays away from distractions to the team, your child, and the referee.
  • If you have any concerns to bring up please set up a time to discuss. We have a 24hr rule after games to discuss any issues or concerns. We always appreciate any questions and comments.
  • We kindly ask all parents to remain off the court during games. This includes any family members/siblings. We welcome parents to stay and watch in the balcony viewing area.
  • We ask all parents to set the best example in conduct for your kids, others, and the program. It is our job to teach and have your child's full attention during games.