At the end of the Winter, Spring, and summer seasons players can earn Hoops4Health All-Academic Honors. These players not only exemplify excellence on the court but most importantly off the court in the classroom where it most counts. Our emphasis on academics is extremely important. Basketball is a privilege. School always comes first. Members of the Hoops4Health All-Academic Honors will receive special medals. To be eligible to earn the Hoops4Health All-Academic Honors the player must have a minimum 3.5 GPA (A-). The most recent report card must be sent in to Hoops4Health. Players 4th grade and up are eligible.


Quentin Kalotis, Nathan Uhn, Nate Kim, Kellar Karnes, George Hamm, Nico Pellegrino, 


Paul Liang, Sam Saccaro, Max Yarbrough, Nico Pellegrino, Joey Hayes


Lucas Michel, Javier Nunez, Daniel Shoemaker, Owen Anderson, Johnny Birmingham, Tyler Van Gorp


Alexander George, Allegra Crawford, Leo Weingarten, Marcus Becton, Terrance Patton, Gus Berne, Max Fata, Cooper Munro
Brayden Campion, Freddy Groff, Blake Deger, Alex Palmer


Nalin Kundu, Anne Chabot, Allegra Crawford, Marisa Kurowski, Rachel Zacks, Benji Spear


Henry Lesnik, Kevin Hill, Joe Quinn, Jackson Munro, Cooper Munro, Justin Mell, Gus Berne, Dean Sollecito, Connor Caserio, Michael O'Brien, Evan Dobsch, Will Broseman, Jack Broseman, Cooper Rowe, Thomas Kunkler


Michael Lazenby, Danny Riordan, Ben Marrs, Michael O'Brien, Blake Beeler, Mateo Miller, Matthew Georgoulis, Gus Berne,

Cooper Munro, Jackson Munro, James Tojilsuren, Danny Riordan, Alex Freiburger, Austin Brown


Jackson Munro, Shayan Ramchandran, Arjun Kaura, Dylan Thompson, Michael Mangel, Gus Berne, Danny Riordan, Alex Freiburger, Alfred Justesen, Yanni Makropoulos, Eric Stemper, Sean Parrin, Jack Colvin, Mateo Miller, Mason Meyers, Nicholas Perkoski,

Nate Perkoski, Bobby Sianis, Alec Siegel, Will Sawdey, Zach Larson, Nate Cowell, Alex Freiburger, Danny Riordan, Matt Hjorth, Gus Berne


Danny Riordan, Bobby Sianis, Kameron Williams, Max Forden, Carl Borsotti, Danny Prieto, Carter Angelus, Nathan Perkoski,

Addison Reddinger, Julio Montes III, Tommy Zipprich, Luke Amen, Nicole Amen, Terry Smith Jr., William Terry, Danny Prieto, Ian Burns, Jackson Gitterele


Jacob Lipman, Tommy Zipprich, Joey Walski, Reeves Moor, Carl Borsotti, Christian Zamrano, Jack Schepke, Bobby Sianis, Will Parris, Ethan Kye, Jonathan Attanasio, Dylan Weiner, Charlie Frenzel, Danny Prieto, Bobby Black, Gavin Cotter, Drew Dawkins, Tyler Van Swol, Nate Perkoski, Gavin Cotter, Shant Poladian, Brendan Kayat, Daniel Prieto,

Julio Montes Jr. Julian Dones, Antonio Moser Jr., Joey Nuqui, Tommy Zipprich


Julio Montes III, Christian Zambrano, Billy Saltzman, Danny Riordan, Quinn Pemberton, Oscar Armstrong

All-Academic Honors