CLinic Information


Boys and Girls Grades 2-12
Groups Broken Down by Age

Winnetka Community House (WCH)
620 Lincoln Ave. Winnetka, IL




Sundays 6-7:30

6 Sessions



Sundays 6-7:30PM

No class 5/6

6 Sessions

  • Waiver form at the link above must be filled out prior to participation. Needs to be filled out only one time for the current year. Fill out a new waiver if any information has changed.


  • 1 and 2 ball dribbling drills
  • Hand/eye coordination tennis and medicine ball drills
  • Dribble attack combo moves
  • Dribbling using the pivot
  • Handling the ball off of screens
  • Guard/Post dribbling skills
  • Dribble Jab
  • Game situations
  • Mental Aspect of the Game, sportsmanship, positive attitude, off court maintenance, healthy lifestyle

Sign Up Options / Cost

​10% Discount for family members 2 or more
Coupon Code: FAMPACK


All Sessions Discount: $150

Daily Rate: $30


All Sessions Discount: $150
Daily Rate: $30

Ball on a String Dribbling Clinic

Dribbling is a vital component to being a solid basketball player. No matter what position it is key to be able to handle the ball.

This program is focused on teaching how to become a great dribbler.  Each player will have their own checklist to take notes and use all the drills for use at home or anywhere on their own. The key to the program is for each player to grow their dribbling skills and have the right direction training wise so they can develop and put in the work on their own the correct way.