Brett Winer


General Manager
USA Basketball Gold Licensed Coach


Brett has had a passion for coaching for a long time and is great and building core fundamentals in kids. Has served in various Park District programs working with kids in skill clinics and personal training. He strives to motivate and teach players how to play the game the right way and builds teams that are fundamentally and structurally sound. He has a great ability to connect with his players, motivate, and get the most out of them. Brett's passion for fitness and basketball led him to earning a Bachelors Degree in Kinesiology at Indiana University.

  • ​Coached Summer 2022 Hoops4Health Bulldogs 4/5 Orange and 7 Orange.
  • Coached Spring 2022 Hoops4Health Bulldogs 2 Orange, 4 Orange, 4 Black, and 7 Orange
  • Coached Winter 2021-22 Wilmette Wolves 5 Green, 5 Black, 4 Green, and 4 Black. 
  • Coached Fall 2021 Hoops4Health Bulldogs 4/5 Orange and 7 Orange
  • Coached Summer 2021 Hoops4Health Bulldogs 6 Orange and 6/7 Black. 
  • Coached Spring 2021 Hoops4Health Bulldogs 4 Orange, 4 Black, 6 Orange, and 6 Black. 
  • ​Coached Winter 2020-2021 Hoops4Health Bulldogs 6 Orange and 6 Black, Winnetka Coyotes 3/4 Gold and 3/4 Black. 
  • Coached Fall 2020 Hoops4Health Bulldogs 3/4 Orange and 6/7 Orange. 
  • Coached Spring 2020 Hoops4Health Bulldogs 3rd Grade Orange, 3rd Grade Black, 5th Grade Black, and 5th Grade Orange
  • Coached 2019-2020 Winnetka Coyotes 3rd Grade Gold, 5th Grade Gold, and 5th Grade Black.
  • Coached Winter 2019 Hoops4Health Bulldogs 4/5th Grade Orange
  • Coached Fall 2019 Hoops4Health Bulldogs 5/6th Grade Blue, 5/6th Grade Orange, and 3/4th Grade Orange
  • Coached alongside Chicago Bulls player Ryan Arcidiacono at the Hoops4Health 10 Year Anniversary.
  • Coached Summer 2019 Hoops4Health Bulldogs 14U National and 4th Grade Green
  • Coached Spring 2019 Hoops4Health Bulldogs teams 4th Grade Green, 4th Grade Black, 14U National, and 8th Grade Black. 
  • Coached Winter 2018-2019 Hoops4Health Bulldogs teams 3/4th Grade Red, 4th Grade Green, and Wilmette Wolves 4th Grade Black
  • Coached Summer 2018 Hoops4Health Bulldogs 17U National North
  • Coached Spring 2018 Hoops4Health Bulldogs 13U National, 7th Grade Orange, 7th Grade White, and 110/11th Grade Orange
  • Coached Winter 2017-2018 Hoops4Health Bulldogs  9/10th Grade Orange, 7th Grade Orange 1 and 2, and 8th Grade Black
  • Coached Spring 2017 Hoops4Health Bulldogs 13U Orange, 13U Black, 12U Orange, 15/16U Orange, 16/17U Orange West
  • Coached Winter 2016-2017 Hoops4Health Bulldogs 8/9U Orange, 10/11U White, 12U Orange, 12U Black, and 13U Orange.
  • Assistant coach of Spring/Summer 2016 Hoops4Health Bulldogs 16U National
  • Coached 2016 Spring Hoops4Health 11U Orange, 12U Orange, 12/13U White, and 15U Orange
  • Coached Winter 2015-2016 Hoops4Health 11U Orange and 12U Orange as well as Wilmette Wolves 4B, and 4A.
  • Coached 2015 Summer 8/9U Orange and 11/12U Orange.
  • Coached 2015 Spring 10U Orange, 10U Red, 11U Orange, and 14U Orange teams. 11U Orange went on to win 3 Championships in a row.
  • Has coached alongside current and former N.B.A. players Bill Cartwright, C.J. Watson, Demetrius Jackson, James Johnson, Adreian Payne, Sam Dekker, Dee Brown, Jannero Pargo, and Steve Novak in Hoops4Health camps.
  • Coached 2014/15 Winter 10U and 11U Orange as well the Wilmette Wolves 4B and 5A teams
  • Promoted to General Manager of Hoops4Health August 2014
  • Worked alongside current NBA player Steve Novak as Hoops4Health was selected to run the 2014 Steve Novak Basketball Camp in Brown Deer Wisconsin.
  • Coached the 2014 Spring/Summer 10U Orange, 11U Red, and 14U Red
  • Coached the 2013/2014 Hoops4Health 10U Orange, 13/14 Red, and Wilmette Wolves 4B
  • Coached 2013 Spring/Summer Hoops4Health 8/9U Orange and 13U Green
  • Coached 2012/2013 winter season 4th Grade A Wilmette Wolves and Hoops4Health 8/9 Black 2012 Spring/Summer Coach of Hoops4Health 8/9U Green
  • Double Goal Coach Certification by the Positive Coaching Alliance​
  • 2006-2010 Indiana University Bloomington Bachelors Degree in Kinesiology School of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation (HPER) Took and excelled in the following classes: Basketball, Personal Training, Personal Health, Stress Prevention and Management, Discussion and Decision making, Intro to Exercise Science, and Intro to Sport Psychology.