CPR/AED Certified by the AHA

Coach Jeremiah (J.C.) came through Hoops4Health as a player and now has come full circle as a coach. He has a gift to coach and is great working with players of all ages. He always bring high energy when he coaches and makes the game fun to learn. Great at teaching the fundamentals and building good basketball habits. As a coach and former player Coach J.C. stresses to his players that the ability to learn the game first is the key to playing it freely. Freely meaning the game is fun and competitive to your liking. He believes in coaching players to get them better both as a person and as a basketball player. Players will be mentally and physically challenged. Maintaining a healthy body and mind will be a theme throughout his coaching. Most importantly Coach J.C. believes the game is is all about having fun while competing to get better and to reach new goals that you may have for this game.

His story is an inspirational one to all players. He started basketball later. His first team was with Hoops4Health in 7th grade. Newer to the game he had to work that much harder to catch up. Through hard work and discipline he worked his way up into making his high school team. He also eventually made the 16U and 17U National Hoops4Health teams. He capped off his AAU career going 30-10 and being on one of the top teams in the country. He then completed his dream of playing college basketball at Manchester University. 

Jeremiah (J.C.) Swint