Coach Najeal always is bringing high energy and a passion to teaching the game. He emphasizes fun first but also hard work. He believes in the fundamentals and teaching the kids to play the right way. With teamwork, sportsmanship, and effort. Najeal has played at the D1 and professional level.

Najeal Young

  • 8+ years of coaching & skill development
  • AC at west allis central 2018-2019 (state tournament appearance)
  • Coached state teams in Australia
  • Coached professionally in QSL (Australian state league)
  • Coached Australian national team
  • Coached in Jr. NBA camps
  • Trained NBA players and elite D1 athletes
  • Played college ball at UIC & Texas Wesleyan
  • Won national championship NAIA in 2017
  • Drafted into G league 2017 by golden state affiliate Santa Cruz warriors
  • Played professionally overseas in Canada, Mexico, Australia, china, New Zealand, Tasmania