• We expect players and/or parents to report to their coach or office manager if they will miss a practice or a game. You can also use the RSVP on Team Snap which notifies the coach. As long as you let the office manager or coach know your child will be missing a practice or a game ahead of time you will be fine. Missing practices on a consistent basis will decrease game playing time. Practice is extremely important. Players and/or parents should let their coach know at least 2 hours before practice and 12 hours before a game if they will be late or will not be attending a practice or game. 


  • Players should always be respectful to their coaches. This means not being derogatory in any way towards your coach. Make it easy for your coach to run practices and games effectively. This will make for a more successful and enjoyable experience. Players are always encouraged to ask questions and constructive comments. If however a player has any concern to bring up to the coach regarding playing time, playing position, ect. set a time to meet the coach.
  • Players should always be respectful to their teammates. Treating others as you would want to be treated is our when it comes to teammates, coaches, and referees. Your teammates are like your family. Treat them well. If you have a concern or conflict with a teammate set time aside to discuss not during practice or a game. Cheer on your teammates and help them out by encouraging them and giving them constructive criticism.
  • Always show sportsmanship towards your opponents.
  • Fighting and profanity are never allowed.
  • Players playing time is based off the quality of team member they are (positive impact on teammates, commitment to the team (being on time, working hard). Practice is key. Being a player who listens and works hard in practices earns playing time. Also, playing time is earned by playing well in games which means doing positive things on the court such as teamwork, defense, rebounding, scoring, good passing, executing the offenses and defenses properly, taking charges ect. Playing time does not just depend on being a good scorer. As well, being a unselfish team player plays an important role regarding playing time.
  • Players should always respect the referees. At no time ever should a player challenge a referees decisions. Leave that to the coaches.
  • Players should arrive on time to all practice and games with proper gear. Practice jersey, gym shoes, and have their own ball with name marked on it.
  • Players should stay off the court until his/her practice begins. No ball should be bounced and kids should remain off the court until the previous practice is done and the kids have exited the gym.
  • Players violating any of the code of ethics will be handled on an individual basis. Consequences will be determined by the General Manager and Owner.


  • We ask the parents to respect the referees and coaches decisions as well as always showing good sportsmanship to the opposing team. This means not talking to the referees or the coaches during practice or games. As well as not coaching your child(s) or other people child(s) during practice and games aside from encouragement. Of course we understand the passion of sports parents share with their kids but keep it in a fun encouraging manner that stays away from distractions to the team, your child, and the coach.
  • If you have any concerns to bring up with the coach please set up a time to meet in private not during practice or game settings. We have a 24hr rule after games to discuss any issues or concerns. We always appreciate any questions and comments.
  • We kindly ask all parents to remain off the court during practices. This includes any family members/siblings. We welcome parents to stay and watch either in the bleachers or waiting area at the practice facilities. 
  • We ask to be mindful to allow your child to develop and not to disrupt the coach or players while they are in practice or game settings. We ask all parents to set the best example in conduct for your kids, others, and the program. It is our job to teach and have your child's full attention during practices and games.

Code of Ethics