Q: What can my son/daughter do to get better and earn more playing time?
A: Players must be working hard outside of practices on all facets of the games. We send out at home workout routines for players to do. One has to put in the work to get better which will also result in more playing time.

Q: Why do schedules come out only 2 days before the tournament?
A: Tournament directors send out official schedules no later then the Thursday before the tournament weekend by 6PM.

Q: What is your theory on playing time?
A: Every player gets their fair chance on the court with an aim at 6-8 minutes a game minimum.
Above all we are a competitive program and playing time is earned through attendance, working hard and performance at practice and game. Also, putting in work outside of practice.

Q: How come there has been some switches to the tournament/practice schedule? As well, how come the practice schedule isn't consistent?
A: For the most part we try and keep a consistent schedule but sometimes this is impossible to the limited gym space. There will be a lot of notice time to any changes in the schedule and the website is updated immediately to reflect the changes.

Common Questions