Personal attention is essential throughout the program in helping the players grow and develop their skills. It's always a 10:1 ratio of players to coach. This program promotes sportsmanship, teamwork, friendship, hard work, discipline, communication, leadership, and a healthy lifestyle. We always provide professional coaching and challenge our players to become not only better players but better people. Our core teaching methods build offensive and defensive team principles, skill development, fundamentals, and basketball IQ. Our number one priority is to improve the game of each player and teach how to play structured team basketball. We believe that it's not only about proper practice but making sure players have drills to do on their own to continue their development.


Playing Time

Players can expect to play at least 30% of a game. Our belief is that as much as we want our teams to win games its most important that they develop through on court repetitions. This is a key time in their years to build a solid basketball foundation. Players playing time is based off the quality of team member they are (positive impact on teammates, commitment to the team (being on time, attendance, working hard). Practice is key. Being a player who listens and works hard in practices earns playing time. Also, playing time is earned by making a positive impact in games. This means doing positive things on the court such as teamwork, defense, rebounding, scoring, good passing, executing the offenses and defenses properly, taking charges ect. Playing time does not just depend on being a good scorer. As well, being an unselfish team player plays an important role regarding playing time.

  • Waiver form at the link above must be filled out prior to participation. Needs to be filled out only one time for the current year. Fill out a new waiver if any information has changed.

​Tryout Schedule

Winnetka Community House
620 Lincoln Ave. Winnetka


6:30-7:30pm - Boys Grades 2-3

7:45-8:45pm - Boys Grade 4


5-6pm - Girls Grades 3-8

6:15-7:15pm - Boys Grades 6-7

7:30-8:30pm - Boys Grade 8


6:30-7:30pm - Boys Grades 2-4 (Makeup)
7:45-8:45pm - Boys Grades 6-8 (Makeup)


​5-6pm - Girls Grades 3-8 (Makeup)

6:15-7:15pm - Boys Grade 5


5-6pm - Boys Grade 5 (Makeup)

Online Playbook & Drills

Travel players have access to our online portal which has our playbook as well as drills that players can do on their own. This tool really enhances the experience for the players. Coaches will refer to these throughout the season. This allows players to study our playbook as well as having many drills to help develop outside of practice.

    Team Achievements

    Since 2010 Hoop4Health's teams have amassed over sixty 1st place tournament finishes and over fifty 2nd and 3rd place finishes. Teams have also competed and shined in National tournaments as well as NCAA LIVE Events in Florida, Missouri, Kansas, Tennessee, Nevada, Ohio, Wisconsin, Indianapolis, Kentucky, and Minnesota. Teams have earned Local and National Rankings. Hoops4Health has many players competing on the freshman, sophomore, Junior Varsity, and Varsity levels at their respective high schools including locally New Trier, Loyola Academy, and North Shore Country Day. Hoops4Health has players currently playing college basketball on full athletic scholarships. Above all, a vast amount of Hoops4Health players are excelling in the classroom whether at a young age or preparing to enter college. We continue to provide excellence in fundamental skill development and being role models for the kids. Also teaching them to become young adults that make healthy lifestyle decisions and to excel on and off the court.


    • For Boys Grades 2-12 and Girls Grades 3-8
    • Season runs September-October


    • Teams are divided up based on skill level. We place your child on the best fit team where they can grow with proper development and competition. 
    • Fielding multiple teams per grade level. Grades 2-8 teams are broken down between A (Orange), B (Black), C (White), and Developmental. (Developmental teams are divided up evenly by skill.)
    • Teams will consist of 8-10 players per team.


    • Hoops4Health is now offering 3 days of practice/training for travel players. Allowing for more development and flexibility for players with other commitments. Players have the option to come 1-3x a week to best fit their schedule.
    • Teams practice twice a week in the Winnetka/Wilmette area and other surrounding locations.
    • Practices start no earlier than 4:30PM and finish no later than 9:15PM. Younger teams practice at the earlier time slots. Practices are 1 hour and 25 minutes long. 
    • Practices consist of skill development as well as building offensive and defensive schemes. Teamwork and defense are the backbone of our philosophy and is emphasized by each coach. Our goal is to build high IQ basketball players.

    Schedule Flexibility

    We understand there are conflicts with other spring sports so we do our best to schedule practices/tournaments to not conflict. Players have the option to come 1-3x a week to best fit their schedule. Also, if there are many players on one team with similar conflicts we will try and adjust the schedule accordingly.


    • A (Orange), B (Black), and C (White) teams play in all Tournaments. Developmental teams play in a mix of tournaments and in house league games. 
    • ​All teams compete in 5 weekend tournaments consisting of 2 games either Saturday or Sunday.  
    • All the tournaments for local teams are 20min-1hr from the Winnetka/Wilmette area. 
    • Potential tournament weekend dates are 6/24-6/25, 7/8-7/9, ​7/15-7/16, 7/22-7/23, 7/29-7/30, 8/5-8/6, 8/12-8/13
    • Most tournament venues charge an admission fee for spectators that ranges from $3-10 per person. 

    Professional Coaching

    All our coaches have an incredible amount of expertise and experience in coaching basketball. Each one has a passion for teaching the art of the game, offensive and defensive schemes, and the fundamentals and qualities necessary to be a great teammate and player. Their aim is for every player to bond and sync to become a strong unit who succeeds on the court as well as be great people and student athletes off the court. Sportsmanship and teamwork is a core philosophy of each of the Hoops4Health coaches. We also always stress the importance of nutrition, taking care of your mind and body, and excelling in school. ​​

    Nutrition Emphasis

    At Hoops4Health teaching a healthy lifestyle is as important to us as teaching basketball fundamentals. Throughout the season players will be reminded about making healthy choices and nutritional sheets will be handed out. At the beginning of the season parents will be sent a healthy food option list to discuss with their kids. During the season there will be one special week dedicated to health and wellness awareness. We will be going over healthy decisions with the kids at practices and will also have some contests and prizes that reinforce healthy lifestyle habits. 


    "When I first started playing Hoops4Health in fourth grade I did not know what the newly founded program would give to me. Through a couple of practices, I learned how much the coaches at Hoops4Health actually cared about developing their players to reach their potential. As I got older, I continued to be instilled with knowledge from some great coaches throughout middle school. This is where I learned the dedication and hard work that I would need to become the player that I wanted to be. In high school my love for the program grew as I saw how hard our coaches worked to put our teams in a national schedule to get the most exposure possible. Brendan reached out to so many college coaches for all his players to try and get them all to play at the next level. I would not be the player or person I an today without Hoops4Health and am forever grateful for all the lessons that I have learned. Go Bulldogs!"
    ​(Brian Conaghan - New Trier - UW-Whitewater)

    ​"Hoops4Health has taught me so much about nutrition and basketball throughout the years! It’s an amazing program with great people that really care about your health and your performance. Personally, I played for them for 3 years and now I’m playing college basketball. The recruiting assistance was amazing as my Coach Brendan did everything in his power to help me get to the place I am today. Whatever is asked from them, they provide! I would strongly recommend Hoops4Health if you want your kid to be looked after at all times." (Karlo Colak - New Trier - Illinois-Wesleyan)

    ​Hoops4Health gave our athlete a place to both "show and grow." There are a lot of teams that give kids a way to be seen, but few that work on getting better as a player, a teammate, and competitor." Parents of Griffin Ryan. (New Trier - University of Pennsylvania)

    Program Discounts

    Hoops4Health travel players get the benefit of receiving 10% off all Hoops4Health Camps and Clinics for the season.



    • $815 Season Fee
    • (New Gear starting Fall 2023 Season. Gear Package is purchased separately through Squad Locker)
    • ​5% family member discount for 2 family members or more. Inquire within for coupon code.
    • Inquire within for Financial Assistance

    Tryout Information

    • Tryouts will evaluate the players skills through a number of drills and games.
    • Tryout groups will be broken down by age.
    • Players are required to attend one tryout and bring their own ball.
    • Players can come to more than one tryout.
    • Tryout Fee: $25 - Deadline to register for tryouts is 8/28
    • If you cannot attend one of the tryouts please contact for other options

    Fall Bulldogs Travel

    Our Bulldogs Travel program is for all players looking to develop their skills on a more competitive level. It has risen to be one of the most respected clubs throughout the country and well known for developing players. The backbone of the program is to teach fundamentals and team basketball. Teams have earned local and national accolades. As well, a number of players have gone on to play High School and College basketball.

    *There are no scheduling conflicts for Players looking to play in both our 3 on 3 League and Fall Travel.