Fall Session

  • All Session Discount (7 Sessions): $140
  • Daily Rate: $25

Winter Session 1

  • All Sessions Discount (7 Sessions): $168
  • Daily Rate: $30

Winter Session 2

  • All Sessions Discount (10 Sessions): $240
  • Daily Rate: $30

Spring Session

  • All Sessions Discount (8 Sessions): $192
  • Daily Rate: $30

10% family member discount for 2 family members or more. Inquire within for coupon code. 


  • Shooting - Form, Release, 1-2 Step, Creating Space for the Shot, Follow Through
  • Passing - 2 Hand, 1 Hand, Passing in tight spaces
  • Dribbling - Combo Moves, Creating Space, Breaking down a defender
  • Defense - Stance, Position, Lateral Speed, Help/Deny
  • Rebounding - Getting Position, Sealing, Second Jump, Apex Catch
  • Mental Aspect - Toughness, Sportsmanship, Positive Attitude, off court maintenance, healthy lifestyle, Teamwork
  • Screen and Roll - Using and defending the screen plus Screen Reads
  • Footwork and Pivots - Triple Threat, Jab Step, Creating for Others, Cutting, moving without the ball, Spacing, Ball Movement, Leadership, Being Vocal
  • Fun Competitive High Energy Drills!

Our Girls Skills Training Program is all about skill development. The two most important aspects to becoming a great player is to learn how to do a skill the right way and then get the reps in through hard work, consistency, and discipline. With this program we teach the right way to shoot, dribble, pass, defend, rebound, and more. This program is the perfect place for the player to put in the time to learn, grow, and excel on the court. Let us help your child take their game to that next level!


Girls Skills Training

  • Waiver form at the link above must be filled out prior to participation. Needs to be filled out only one time for the current year. Fill out a new waiver if any information has changed.
  • Players should bring their own basketball to each session.

 Program Information

Winnetka Community House

620 Lincoln Ave. Winnetka, IL


Girls Grades 2-8
Groups Broken Down by Age


Fall Session


Mondays 4-5pm

Winter Session 1


(No Class 11/10)

Sundays 5:30-7pm

Winter Session 2


10 Sessions

Sundays 4:30-6pm

Spring Session


Mondays 4-5pm

(No class 5/11, 5/25)