Week 1

Grades K-1

Jackson Martin -  Team 2 - Jackson did an awesome job shooting and controlling ball. He was crafty on the court and was able to carve his way through the defense.

Brendan McNelley - Team 1 - Brendan did a great job on defense and helping his teammates out on the court. He was active scrappy on defense. Defenitely a defensive specialist!

Grades 2-3

Henry Halack - Team 5 - Henry had an awesome all around game. He rebounded, passed, and shot really well. He was really aggressive and will big for his team this season!

Will Wyner - Team 8 - Will was really smooth out there. He was really controlling the game. He uses both hands really well and stays composed. Was impressive finishing layups with both his right and left hand.

Week 2

Grades K-1

Ori Nafatli - Team 3 - Ori did an awesome job passing and playing tough defense. He made some craft passes in tight spaces. He is a force out there!

Luke Bradley - Team 2 - Luke did a terrific job hustling and playing tenacious defense. He was getting his hands a ton of balls. A big defensive presence.

Grades 2-3

Thomas Dixon - Team 5 - Thomas did a nice job playing defense and controlling the offense. He has a good way setting everyone up and not forcing the action. Hes a floor general!

Devin Malhotra - Team 6 - Devin did a stellar job passing to his teammates. He also plays craft defense. Always active on both ends of the court. He knows how to set his teammates up for an easy shot.

Week 3

Grades K-1

Graeme Norris - Team 1 - Graeme played awesome defense. Got his hands on a ton of balls. His ability to make craft finishes was impressive.

Thomas Halack - Team 2 - Thomas was an absolute monster on the boards! He did a good job handling the ball. Hes showing hes a multi-postional player which makes him tough to guard.

Grades 2-3

Henry Halack - Team 5 - Henry didnt miss a beat blending in with his new team. He was the high scorer and a beast on the boards. Ultimate unselfish player.

Veniel Lyman - Team 7 - Veniel did a nice job facilitating and being aggressive on defense. Great all around game. Real scrappy player!

Week 4

Grades K-1

Jackson Jerome - Team 1 - Jackson came back from injury making it rain from the outside. He also made some slick passes.

Thomas Halack - Team 2 - Thomas had a good all around game. He rebounded well and made plays for his teammates.

Grades 2-3

Jack Gill - Team 5  - Jack did an awesome job playing under control and creating for his teammates. He is a stead force.

Grace Keneally - Team 6 - Grace has gotten better every week rebounding and getting position to score. She knows how to get to the right spots on the court.

Week 5

Grades K-1

Michael Ambrosino - Team 2 - Michael came into the league with a bang. Scoring, rebounding, and play making for his teammates. Hes will be a force down the stretch!

Ori Nafatli - Team 3 - Ori played an overall great game. He made key passes and craft shots. He's a solid anchor for his team.

Grades 2-3

Soren Malhotra - Team 6 - Soren did a nice job getting his players in position to score. He also made same craft defensive plays. He always stays very active on defense and was getting a ton of deflections.

TJ Nahrold - Team 7 - TJ has made progress every week understanding strategies playing defense and putting himself in position to score.

Week 6

Grades K-1

Claire Dixon - Team 3- Claire is starting to show a real nice jumpshot. Also is becoming one of the stronger defenders in the league. Most improved player!

A tie for our second player of the week! Brendan Mcnelley (Team 1) and Michael Ambrosino (Team 4) both did awesome jobs getting their teammates involved and showing solid passing skills. Very unselfish players!

Grades 2-3

Isaac Lill - Team 7 - Isaac is really starting to figure things out on offense and defense. He made some tough shots and played with great intensity!

Daniel McGoohan  - Team 7 - Tenacious defender! His energy is off the charts. Always battles and is one of the top defenders in the league. Also great at getting to the basket with tough drives.

Paige Riefe - Team 8 - Paige is a force in the paint! She battles for boards and is showing solid defense. Good at moving the ball. Making nice improvements. Very unselfish player!

Week 7

Grades K-1

Beckett Mathas - Team 3 - Beckett was a monster on the board. He also played stellar defense. He will be key for a big a playoff run!

Andrew Stoll - Team 4 - Andre was a force on the boards. He has been doing a good job of getting in positon to score. Steady improvement throughout the season.

Grades 2-3

Eric Dueno Aldo - Team 5 - Eric did a nice job collecting boards and controlling the offense. Does a solid job boxing out and playing with those fundamentals. He is noticeably getting better every week.

Daniel McGoohan - Team 7 - Daniel did an awesome job handling he pressure on offense. A steady point guard who doesent get rattled. He plays with poise and good sportsmanship.

Week 8

Grades K-1

Jack Bradley - Team 2 - Jack did an awesome job playing defense and creating for his teammmates. Doing good making the player he guards change directions.

Prescott Mugg - Team 3 - Preston did a nice job making craft steals and keeping his team in the game. Was scrappy and energetic all over the court!

Grades 2-3

Soren Malhotra - Team 6 - Soren did a nice job controlling offense and being active on defense. Is patient and offense and finds his teammates.

Veniel Lyman - Team 7 - Veniel did a nice job breaking down defenders and setting up the offense. Made some nice passes and was very active on the boards.

Week 9

Grades K-1

Jackson Jerome - Team 1 - Jackson did a nice job guarding one of the top scorers in the league. He also made some clutch shots.

Ori Nafatli - Team 3 - Ori played gutsy defense and ran the offense well.  Has shown a lot of toughness throughout the season.

Grades 2-3

Hudson Myszkowski - Team 7 - Hudson is really doing a nice job getting in position to rebound. Has made some key baskets as well.

Thomas Kennedy - Team 5 - Thomas is like the energiser bunny. He never stops working on the court. Great energy and fights to the finish. Really active on defense and makes it tough and anyone hes guarding.

Amelie Mugg - Team 5 - Amelie has improved a ton. Her ballhandling had really picked up and did a great job attacking to the lane and creating for others.

Players of the Week