• Parents can watch the games from the gym waiting area or upstairs balcony
  • Players should arrive at least 10 minutes before their game-time and are to stay in the gym waiting area until their game time slot. If there is an open court on one side they can begin to warm-up until their game time slot.
  • Players should not bring a basketball with to the games. We will provide the basketballs.
  • Games are played in the half court on the main basket. Court A nearest to waiting area and Court B farthest.
  • Grades K-2 play on the 9ft basket.
  • Grades 3 and up on the 10ft basket.
  • Grades K-5 use the 28.5 basketball.
  • Grades 6 and up use the 29.5 basketball.
  • All girls divisions use the 28.5 basketball.
  • Coin toss determines who starts the game with the ball. Home team gets to choose.
  • 1st Team listed is the Home team and wears (Dark Jersey). 2nd team listed is the Away team and wears (Light Jersey). 
  • Rosters cannot change after the official posting of final rosters.
  • In the event a team has only 2 players at game-time that team will start the game with a 4 point penalty and the game will continue 2 on 2. If a team has less than 2 players show up it is an automatic forfeit.
  • 1st Overtime is 1 minute. 2nd Overtime is 30 seconds. 3rd Overtime is first team to score.


Each team is awarded 1 one minute timeout for the game. There are no added timeouts in overtime.


Substitutions will take place every 3 minutes or 10 points. Substitutions and only be made on the announcement by the scorekeeper/Referee. Once announced players must sub themselves. We will monitor and help with subs to make sure everyone gets a lot of playing time and substitutions are running smoothly. Substitutions can only be made on a dead ball situation in which the ref calls for subs or a timeout. Players can substitute themselves on a timeout only in the last 2 minutes.

Player subbing in for shooter must inform the scoretable/ref. If the shooter misses the free throw the player must sit by the scorers table for the next dead ball and may then sub in for the shooter.

Teams can sub on a timeout only under 2 minutes left in the second half. The bench or players on the floor can notify the ref or the scorekeeper if they want to use a timeout.

Teams are to sub themselves. 5th grade and under will get some assistance on subbing. The clock runs on subs except on a timeout or the last 30 seconds of the game. Delay in subbing will result in a "delay of game" warning. On a second time it becomes a technical foul on the team resulting in an automatic 2 point for the opposing team.

Game Rules

  • Games are scored by 2's and 3's. 
  • Games are 18 minute running clock. Clock stops on a dead ball the last 30 seconds of the 1st and 2nd halves. There is a 1 minute halftime break at the 9 minute mark. 
  • There is no make it take it. After a made basket possession changes.
  • Ball must be checked (bounce pass 5ft away from defender guarding the offensive player) from the top of the key to start a possession on any made baskets. Once offense receives the checked ball it is live and the defender who passed it can begin to guard that player. 
  • On initial check ball everyone must guard their man.
  • Ball is live after the check. The ball does not have to be passed in once the defender has checked it.
  • Teams must clear the ball on a change of possession behind the 3 point line no matter if a shot was attempted or not. Both feet and the ball must be behind the 3 point line. Exception to this rule is if there is a change of possession and the ball goes out bounds on the baseline the ball does not need to be cleared.
  • A foul on a 2 point field goal attempt will result in one free throw which counts for 2 points if made. A foul on a 3 point field goal attempt will result in one free throw which counts for 3 points if made. Ball is live on the release.
  • 7 team fouls per half result in 1 and 1 free throws and double bonus occurs on 10 fouls resulting in 2 free throws
  • In case of a 2 on 2 game there is no double team allowed on an inbound pass. 
  • Players get 5 fouls. Teams with 4 or more players have foul-outs on 5 fouls. Teams with 3 players or less there are no foul-outs however on the 5th foul and every foul after becomes an automatic 2 points. Regular team fouls and bonus situations stay in effect aside from the player(s) with 5 or more personal fouls. 
  • For Grades 5 and under - when there is a 15 point lead the defense must stay behind the three point line. The team winning by more than 15 points must pass 5 times before they take a shot.
  • For Grades 6 and over - when there is a 20 point lead the defense must stay behind the three point line.
  • Technical Fouls are an automatic 2 points to the opposing team.
  • All Illinois High School Association Rules are in effect aside from the above rules

League Rules