Each season Hoops4Health dedicates a week to discussing and promoting a healthy lifestyle. The benefits of eating and living habit are discussed with each team. Players are encouraged to take pictures of their most healthy meals and describe their healthy food and drink. A special guest in Tai-Chi or Yoga will come out to teach a class. We believe, and statistics have shown, that taking part in an overall healthy lifestyle which includes proper rest, nutritious meals, and exercises leads to being a better athlete, student. and healthier person.


  • This is a vital component of the mind and body. We want to teach how important it is that what we put in our body is of the utmost importance in maintaining good health.
  • Teach about proper healthy food choices in terms of what to eat and what not to eat
  • Teach quick healthy snack and meals over fast food
  • Teaching about organic foods
  • Keeping hydrated throughout the day and the importance of drinking water, fruits juices, and tea instead of colas.
  • Staying away from too much caffeine
  • Staying away from drugs and alcohol
  • Importance of fruits and vegetables


  • The body needs to be taken care of properly to prevent injuries, increase on court performance, and be in good shape.
  • Flexibility will be stressed. We will teach proper stretching techniques from basic to advance such as using bands, Yoga, and Tai-Chi.  
  • We will teach proper conditioning. This will include aerobic and anaerobic. Building speed and power.  Our program will be tailor made for the individual and age. A mix of basics like pull ups, push-ups, crunches, jumping rope, will be combined with advanced techniques like, plyometrics, medicine ball, ladder drills, weightlifting, and band exercises.


  • To teach the mental aspect of the game. This includes an understanding of the game such as team play, rules, confidence, focus, working on weaknesses, and improving on strengths.
  • To teach meditation. This can include visualization techniques and proper breathing.
  • Learning Tai-Chi is also very good for proper flexibility

Nutrition Week


  • Discipline is a key essential in completing the previous 3 elements of our program.
  • We want to show each student of ours that a disciplined approach is one in which the parts make the whole. That it’s doing the tasks presented and staying committed with them that will lead to a healthier lifestyle and being a better basketball player.
  • We will show different ways of being disciplined like charting progression, goal and task sheet, commitment, and seeing the big picture.