Players of the Week

Week 1

Boys Grade 2

Evan Geiger - Cobras - Evan is the steady force behind his team!  He does it all - scoring, rebounding and passing!

Teddy Hofmann - Team 16 - Teddy is back and an early season candidate for Most Improved!  He has a very nice inside-out game.

Girls Grade 2

Teagan Earnest - Washington Wizards - Teagan is back and looks terrific on the court!  She is very quick on her feet and can get to the hoop!

Locklyn Gemp - Team 70 - Locklyn led her team!  She is shifty with the dribble and can score!

Boys Grade 3

Ford Garvey - Team 24 - Ford lit it up on Saturday!  He can really score with the best of them!

Mason Stecko - Team 21 - Mason played terrific hoops this weekend!  He controlled the pace for his team with his ball handling skills.

Girls Grade 3

Madison Shea - We Love Goggles - Madison was consistent and steady for her team this weekend!  Can do it all - dribble, pass and shoot.

Emma Weinlader - Team 76 - Emma can really dribble and get around the court!  She led her team this weekend!

Boys Grade 4

Oliver Brown  - Team 33 - Oliver can really glide around the lane and is smooth with his offensive skill set!

Jack Hevner - Team 36 - Jack was very polished with his scoring this weekend.  He has a great mid-range game!

Girls Grades 4-5

Mairead Jensen - Team 82 - Ms. Jensen was outstanding!  She played top notch defense and led her team in scoring as well!

Mae Loesel - Team 70 - Mae was a special player this weekend!  She weaved in and out of the lane to score at ease!

Kaitlyn Smyth - Team 80 - Kaitlyn was a force on Sunday! She always gives 100% and has a nice shooting touch!

Boys and Girls Grade  5

Kona Basile - Team 40 - Kona showed off his very smooth jumper on Saturday.  An extremely skilled offensive player!

Lucas Crandall - Team 43 - Lucas was simply unguardable!  He scored a jaw dropping 39 points in his team's two games.

Boys Grade 6

Kamran Boots - Quendales - Kamran came out and set the tone early for his season!  A prolific scorer with a nice shot!

Rocco Keesecker - Timberwolves - Rocco is a "do everything" player for his team.  He is really tough on defense!

Boys Grades 7-8

Benjamin Hamm - Team 56 - Mr. Hamm used his size to completely dominate!  He gets around the lane with ease to score!

Ryan Longstreth - Team 61 - Ryan was his usual steady self on Saturday.  He played a sensational all around game!

Week 2

Boys Grade K

Tommy DeMarino -  Lightning - Tommy is as consistent as they come! An excellent all around scorer.

Alex Zufall - Honey Badgers - A shifty scoring machine!  It's tough to guard the kid in the yellow mask!

Girls Grades K-1

Avery Carpenter - Rainbow Unicorns - Avery can really play! She has a nice jumper and is a nifty passer.

Josephine Fitzgerald - Shooting Stars - She plays with such passion and scored her first "official" basket this weekend!  She was a great leader for her team as well.

Boys Grade 1

Henry Auda - Pythons - Wow!  Henry is extremely polished and can get to the basket however and whenever he likes!

Preston Zandpour - Team 10 - A super nice jump shooter! Preston, also, finds the open man on his team with ease.

Girls Grade 2

Eloise McGarvey - Washington Wizards - Eloise does it all for her team!  She gets everyone involved and can score the clutch baskets when needed.

Lola Parr - Jr. Lazer Cats - Lola might not have scored, but she was terrific on defense and does all of the little things needed for her team to compete.

Boys Grade 2

Cole Darmstadter - Tigers - Small in stature, but huge in heart!  Cole is the engine that makes his team go.

Campbell Rudy - Skulls - Very skilled young player!  Really slick with his dribble. 

Girls Grade 3

Nora Martay - Greeley Girls - What a nice shooter! Nora can fill it up and can lock down her opponent as well.

Sydney Kramer - Greeley Girls - Sydney is a defensive machine!  She hustles all over the court for her team!

Boys Grade 3

Mason Stecko - Blitzers - With a quick burst, he can get to the hoop!  Once he is there, he really knows how to finish!

John Sylvester - Blitzers - A monster rebounder!  John sets up second chance after second chance for his team.

Boys Grade 4

Charlie Fitzgerald - Mambas - What an explosion of offense this weekend!  Charlie poured in 54 points and could not be stopped!

Gabriel Markul - Wolf Fang - A super rangy player with tons of potential!  He showed off his driving ability this weekend! 

Girls Grades 4-5

Caroline Phillips - Team 79 - Caroline is a true team leader and a force on defense.  On offense, she doesn't miss when she gets to the paint.

Aislynn Shannon - Team 80 - Aislynn always gives 100%!  She does whatever he team needs in order to compete - especially on defense.

Boys and Girls Grade 5

Lily Burek - Trevians - Extreme fundamentals on display!  This young lady (and her team) can hang with the boys and then some!

Sam Saccaro - Da Baby - Sam is borderline unstoppable!  Can get to anywhere he wants on the court and score with the best! 

Boys Grade 6

Peder Hansen - Timberwolves - A slick passing player!  He can dribble and get after it on defense as well.

Bennett Koster - Lucky Charms - The sweet shooter in those sweet uniforms!  Very nice mid range game!

Boys Grades 7-8

Aiden Darnieder - The 57 - A physical presence in the paint, he can get after it on the glass and really make it tough for his opponent on defense!

Billy Price - Team 52 - Billy is a slashing shooter that can score at will.  He also knows how to use his body to get in the paint.

Week 3

Boys Grade K

Tyler Kanter - Mini Bulls - Tyler came to play this weekend!  He is an excellent shooter - pouring in 14 points in two games!

The Quinn Twins - Cyclones - These boys are ruthless on the court!  Dynamic scorers and great passers!

Girls Grades K-1

Knight Barber - Rainbow Unicorns - Knight plays with such enthusiasm!  Such a great teammate and her basketball skills are improving each week!

Caroline Swank - Rainbow Unicorns - Wow, what a scorer!  She really knows how to shoot it!

Boys Grade 1

Lincoln Hoss - Snakes - Hoss played like a boss this weekend!  Nice shooting and dribbling skills!

Camden Jackson - Pythons - Camden provides a nice one-two punch with Henry Auda for the Pythons.  Very difficult to stop him!

Girls Grade 2

Lucy Cannon - Storm - Lucy has a wonderful all around game!  She gets into triple threat and is a great dribbler, passer and shooter!

Colette Lussen - Team 68 - What a player!  She knows how to move off of the ball and get open for her teammates to find her!

Boys Grade 2

Solon Kalogerakos - The Goat - Solo is a bouncy scorer!  Be careful or he will hit you with a James Harden like step back!

Will Zufall - Cobras - Will is as shifty as they come!  His crossover dribble is nearly unstoppable!

Girls Grade 3

Maya Baxter - Fierce Five - Maya is such a talented player!  Super skilled at both ends of the court!

Emma Weinlader - We Love Goggles - Emma is back at it!  Can put the ball in the basket with ease!

Boys - 3

Wyatt Ghantous - Blondie - Wyatt is such a positive player for his team!  He does all of the little things and is a tremendous teammate!

Zia Syed - Fireballs - A rangy defender, Zia is tough to play against!  He can also fill it up on the offensive end of the court!

Boys Grade 4

Campbell Farrell - Mark Should Be Part Of This - Campbell is a pure offensive player!  A do it all type of guy and can lock you up on defense as well!

Charlie Steingo - Fighting Dolphins - Charlie was his usual steady self this weekend!  He can score at all three levels and is a gifted passer as well!

Girls Grades 4-5

Mairead Jensen - Knuckles - A monster in the paint!  She alters every shot and makes life very tough for her opponent!

Caroline Phillips - Pizza - Such a valuable player for her team!  She is all energy, all the time!

Boys + Girls Grade 5

George Birmingham - Da Baby - It's so fun to watch George play!  Always makes the right basketball move and is a true team-first player.

George Hamm - KFCs - George was a scoring machine this weekend!  He posted 20 points over two games!

Boys Grade 6

Kamran Boots - Quendales - Kamran was dominant! He scored 42 points over two games and was quite unstoppable!

Bennett Koster - Lucky Charms - The kid with the easy smile also has an easy jump shot!  Very nice job of setting up his teammates as well!

Boys Grade 7-8

Ziv Frydman - Chick3nBryc3 - A slick, sneaky scorer! He defers to his teammates, but can put it in the hoop when called upon!

Zach Myers - Team 61 - Zach went bonkers!  He scored an incredible 53 points in two games and wouldn't be stopped!

Week 4

Boys Grade K

Tate Galfi - Ninja Lightning Bolts - Tate exploded with his scoring this weekend!  He poured in 12 points and was getting to the hoop!

Michael Shea - Mini Bulls - Michael has his light up shoes and he was lighting it up on the court as well!  He was steady and productive for his team!

Girls Grades K-1

Avery Carpenter - Rainbow Unicorns - Avery is a scoring machine! Very, very skilled for her age!

Caroline Swank - Rainbow Unicorns - A terrific defender, Caroline is a sensational passer as well!

Boys Grade 1

Emmett Korelitz - Bulls - Emmett is all business out there!  He goes hard on both ends of the floor and leads his team!

Charlie DeSapri - Bucks - Charlie is one of a kind!  He plays with big enthusiasm and heart!

Boys Grade 2

Julian Brown - The Goat - Julian is as smooth as it gets on offense!  He can get to the hoop (and finish) with ease.

Michael Hall - Cobras - His team was a little shorthanded and Michael stepped up!  He is a force on defense and offense. You can't leave him open in the corner!

Girls Grade 2

Catherine Farrell - Tigers - You can't miss this player and her team with their shiny headbands!  She played great - scoring 12 points this weekend!

Maya Grandis - Central Fire - Maya is really hard to stop! She really shines around the basket!

Girls Grade 3

Olivia Crouch - Fierce Five - A terrific performance this weekend! She was unstoppable with 16 points!

Emery Helmink - Greeley Girls - A really upbeat player! She really shows off on defense!

Boys Grade 3

Ford Garvey - Wild Dogs - Ford lit it up!  He can really knock down the mid range shots and is an excellent passer.

Henry Long - Blitzers - Henry is all hustle!  He gives 100% and is someone you don't want to be guarded by!

Boys Grade 4

Mason Butler - Ballers - Mason was a beast on Sunday!  A true force in the paint getting rebounds and put backs!

Nathan Uhn - Wolf Fang - Nathan plays big on defense!  He is a skilled dribbler as well!

Girls Grades 4-5

Katie MacKinnon - Knuckles - Katie was her usual terrific self this weekend! She scored 14 points and was hard to beat off the dribble.

Grace Mueller - Bulldogs - Grace is like a coach out there!  What a sensational communicator and leader!

Boys + Girls Grade 5

Mikail Ozkaymak - Avoca Vikings - A break out set of games for Mikail!  He balled out for 26 points in two games!

Jake Wald - Champions - It's fun to watch Jake play!  He knows when to shoot and when to share the ball!

Boys Grade 6

Evan Marcus - Tropical Melons - Evan is a steady contributor for his team! Week in and week out, you know that he will provide energy and smart play.

Kellan Mazur - Quendales - When his team needs it, Kellan can score with anyone! He also does very well in getting his teammates open looks.

Boys Grades 7-8

Elias Garbis - Smooth Jazz - Man, this kid is one that you want on your team!  Pure energy and intelligence on display!

Charlie Logue - Johnny Depp - One of the most fun players in the league!  Such a positive player and always gives great energy.

Week 5

Boys Grade K

Teddy Minahan - Lightning - Teddy was out there doing all of the things his team needed!  Great on defense and always giving 100%

Matthew Morgan - Ninja Lightning Bolts - Matthew was on his game on Sunday!  He helped his team with 8 points and great energy.

Girls Grades K-1

Charlotte Hofmann - Shooting Stars - Charlotte played so well! She is really learning how to rebound and make the right plays!

Josie McShane - Golden Sloths - Josie played a big part in her team's performance on Sunday! She scored six points and made some great passes as well!

Boys Grade 1

Emmett Korelitz - Bulls - What a player!  He knows exactly where to be on the court to get buckets for the Bulls!

Camden Jackson - Pythons - Man, Camden is so fun to watch!  He will lock you up on defense and is a very skilled passer.

Girls Grade 2

Anna Davis - Flamingos - Anna was a great scorer this weekend! She posted 12 points and was a fantastic teammate.

Grace Martin - Tigers - Grace gets better and better each week!  She can make the correct pass and move to the open spots on the court!  

Boys Grade 2

Tommy Hall - Cobras - Tommy is the heart of his team and, this Saturday he was able to show his hoops skills on the court!  He was terrific!  

Oliver Kaman - Skulls - Oliver came up with a huge basket for his team in a thrilling victory!  Such an exciting player!

Girls Grade 3

Etta Eichelberger - We Love Goggles - Etta was steady!  She scored four points in each of her team's two games!

Madison Shea - We Love Goggles - Madison stepped it up this weekend!  She scored six points and made several key plays!

Boys Grade 3

Mason Stecko - Blitzers - Mason can score at every single level! Top notch dribbling skills as well!

Ethan Hunt - Wild Dogs - Ethan went bonkers!  He poured in 16 points and really showed off his ability to get to the hoop.

Boys Grade 4

Campbell Farrell - Mark Should Be Part Of This - Love the way this kid plays!  So smart and always puts the team first!

Jack Hevner - Dunking Donuts - Jack is TOUGH!  A monster on defense, he is also like a coach to his team.  

Girls Grades 4-5

Sonam Kotte - Pizza - Sonam continues to show off her week to week improvement!  Such a terrific young player!

Kaitlyn Smyth - Bulldogs - She is almost unstoppable!  A pure scorer with a really, really nice jump shot!

Boys and Girls Grade 5

Nolan Hughes - Da Baby - A true team leader!  Plays with such joy and knows how to run a team on and off the floor.

Evan Rieck - Soggy Goldfish - Evan lit it up with 20+ points in two games! He was very difficult to contain!

Boys Grade 6

Kamran Boots - Quendales - Another steady week for Kamran! Just goes about his business of getting buckets!

Rocco Keesecker - Timberwolves - Rocco is a terrific player! Can really get his teammates to their spots and get his own points when needed.

Boys Grades 7-8

Luke Hales - Johnny Depp - Luke is a force on the defensive end of the court!  A very hard worker who makes you work for everything.

Habs Olson - Billys - A rangy player, Habs can score and get after it on defense. He is his team's secret weapon!