Week 1

Players of the Week

Grades K-1

​Lincoln Levinson - Team 4 - Lincoln was making everything down low. Stayed really active throughout the game. Scrappy on defense as well. 

​Graham Fitzgerald - Team 3 - Graham was showing those handles with some good moves to beat his defender. He was good getting to the basket and finishing. 

​Lily Farrell - Team 6 - In game 2 Lilly really started to heat up. Jump shot was cooking. Did a good job of holding her follow through and and swished multiple jumpers. 

Grade 2

Woodson Cody - Team 13 - Woodson was a defensive menace. Stayed active and got his hands on everything. Did a good job on the boards and also pitched in offensively. 

Jackson Smith - Team 12 - Jackson is tough. Really competes. He has a really good first step and found his teammates on a number of nifty passes. He can score in bunches!

Grade 3

Michael Ambrosino - Team 21 - Michael was a beast in week 1. Overpowered the opposing team getting a number of rebounds. As a guard hes a high level rebounder. Defensive menace as well. Did a good job racking up points on a number of strong drives. 

Cameron Orzoff - Team 16 - Cameron is Mr. Smooth on the court. Plays at a great pace and always stays in control. Had some nice takes and plays good team basketball. 

Grade 4

Denym Wallace - Team 34 - His nickname is not "Diesel" for nothing. He is a man child down low. He not only put up double figures in points both games but was dominant on the boards. Has improved his game a ton. Could not be stopped down low. 

Tyson Adrianopoli - Team 25 - Tyson is a real scrappy guard. Handles the ball well. When hes in the team plays better. Makes a ton of plays you dont see on the stat sheet. 

Grade 5

Nate Gold - Team 35 - Nate was back to old tricks. Kid can flat out score! Lefty stroke always looks like its going in. And it does a lot. Had a ton of great drives, floaters, and jumpers. 

Lucas Peterson - Team 38 - Lucas imposed his will down low. Does a good job using his body on drives taking the bump and finishing. Plays smart basketball and is a crafty player. 

Grade 6 

Jamari Fears - Team 47 - Jamari came out on fire in game 1. Hes all over the court defensively and his jumper and drives were on point. Hes a do it all player. Made some really nice passes as well.

Will Miller - Team 48 - Will has a lot of sauce to his game. So smooth out there. He knows how to get to the basket and is very shift with his moves. Player to watch for sure!

Grade 7

​Mason Bloom - Team 58 - Mason was a tough as nails down low. Hauls down rebounds one after another. Soft touch down low. Hes going to be a tough matchup in the league!

Charlie Ellis - Team 50 - Charlie impressed us with his ability to score and his knockdwon jumpshot. Has a high release point and get the shot off quick. What makes him dangerous is driving ability. Gets to the basket and absorbs contact well with consistent finishes. 

Grade 8 

Jeremiah Fears (2025) - Team 69 - Theres a reason he one of the best guards in the country. He looked unguardable. Has deep range from three and elite level handles. Drives are top notch consistently making big time finishes. Made some nice passes as well. 

Colby Smith - Team 61 - Colby has a strong frame and uses it well. Smooth jumper which hes solid from the 3 and midrange. Did a good job getting the basket and finishing as well. Tough defender.

Grade 9 

Jeremiah Fears - Team 69 - Playing up a grade didnt matter for Jeremiah. He could probably play on most varsity teams as an 8th grade and be a contributor. He has many tools in his bag. He play with a swagger every time he hits the court and was knocking down jumper after jumper with some great takes as well. 

Danny Birmingham - Team 70 - Danny has that old school game. Plays smart and under control. Lets the game come to him. Has a nice mid range shot and finishes well around the basket. Had some nice stops on defense and moves the ball well. 

Grades 10-12 

Sherod Dent jr. - Team 78 - 10th Grade - Providence St. Mel High School - 6ft6 SF - Sherod showed his ability to knockdown threes as well as some strong takes to the basket. Very strong frame. Looks to be more of 3-4 but with increased ball handling skills can be a dangerous player at the 2-3 positions. 

Wunya Brown - Team 77 - 12th Grade - Joliet West High School - 5ft10 PG - Wunya was sensational. Extremely shifty and was on fire all day. Was taking his man off the dribble with some impressive ball handling and froze his defender with a number of pullup jumpshots. Real solid PG that seems to be a very under the radar recruit. One to watch!

​Lucas Michel - Team 76 - 12th Grade - Evanston High School - 5ft10 PG - How Lucas got cut from his High School teams left us scratching our heads. Looks like he could start on most varsity teams in the state. This kid can hoop! Just plays with a dog mentality. Consistently was blowing by strong defender and making tough finishes to the basket. Plays with an edge and real scrappy on defense. 

​Matas Buzelis - Team 77 - 10th Grade - Hinsdale Central High School - 6ft8 SF -  Matas grew 5 inches this past year but maintained all his guard skills. Smooth on the court. Plays with a lot of finesse. Really nice touch on the jump shot. Crafty getting to the basket. With some more strength and increased ball handling skills its scary to think how good he could be. Tons of upside and its clear why hes one of the top sophomores in the state. 

Girls Grade 4

Reese Huntington - Team 82 - Reese is a floor general. Plays smart and steady. Awesome how she gets others involved and has nice jumpshot. 

Stella Rydland - Team 79 - Stella can knockdown buckets but what stood out was her defense. Always stays vertical when the driver tried to score. Does well at using the backboard down low.

Girls Grades 5-6

Caroline Bailey - Team 84 - Caroline was very active on defense. Always poking the ball away or getting steals from the helpside. So one the best passes of the day that thread the needle to the paint for an easy bucket. She also was getting a ton of buckets scoring in double figures both games. 

Sophie Klie - Team 85 - Sophie knows how to use her length. Changed a number of shots, got many deflections, and finished around the rim. Shes really quick off her feet which allows her to get many second chance rebounds and finish them. 

Week 2

Grades K-1

Eloise McGarvey - Team 6 - Eloise is the definition of team a player. She moves the ball really well always finding an open teammate. Great at making an extra pass for a higher percentage shot. Communicated well on the court as well. 

James Phillips - Team 5 - Big game James is a baller. He was  non-stop attacking and pressuring the defense. He has a tough drive and can also knock down the midrange jumper. 

Grade 2

Anderson Burek - Team 12 - Anderson causes many mismatches on the court. His size and length at the guard position makes him tough to guard. He is physical on the boards and has some shifty moves to the basket. 

Avin Mehra - Team 10 - Avin has that shake and bake down. Plays with a lot of energy on both ends of the court. Finishes well at the basket and stays scrappy. Tough competitor!

Grade 3

Charlie Fitzgerald - Team 50 - Charlie is that go to player on his team when they need a bucket. He is a clutch performer. His patented step back jumper is always on point. 

Brendan Mcnelley - Team 21 - Brendan's game was on fire this past weekend. Ability to consistently finish layups with his left hand was impressive as was his active on the defensive end. Uses a fast first step to beat his man.

Grade 4

Sam Saccaro - Team 26 - Sam was a one man wrecking crew this past weekend. He was showing his handles and breaking his man down for easy buckets. He is an unselfish player so when help defense came he did a great job dishing it off. Plays with a lot of tenacity. 

Jaxon Yamada - Team 28 - Jax was balling out. Tough as nails! Very scrappy and gets his hands on everything. Creates a lot of passing deflections also. His defensive energy really rubs off on his teammates. Solid driver and knocks down his midrange jumpers. 

Grade 5

Matthew Lampe - Team 41 - Matthew really brought his A game this past weekend. Played with a lot of energy and brought a ton of physicality on the boards. Made many tough drives and finishes. Looks to be the x-factor for his team!

Ben Ojala - Team 38 - Ben was impressive this past weekend. He brings it on defense and offense. Hes a matchup nightmare as hes so strong and big from the guard spot. Solid handles and a quick pull up jumper. He was huge in helping his squad to an undefeated record. 

Grade 6 

Jayden Armstrong - Team 47 - Jayden is like a freight train on the court. Bulldozes his way to the basket. Really strong at the guard position and has a nice shot too. Great rebounder as a guard and tough defender. Kid is a talent!

Keller Karnes - Team 46 - Keller was doing his thing this past weekend. Does a great job carving out space on the block and getting put backs. He is a beast down low. Knows how to rebound. See that Rodman in him! Also showed off some decent handles for a center. 

Grade 7

Christopher Kirkpatrick Team 50 - Christopher has his team rolling. True PG facilitator on the court. Puts on a show with some fancy passes and slick moves. Fun player to watch.

Rafi Naftali - Team 52 - Rafi has been a steady force over the years in the league and continues to do his thing out there. Solid guard with nice handles. Does a good job using his body on drives and drawing contact for and 1's. Also showed some nice passing skills. 

Grade 8 

Colby Smith - Team 61 - Colby is our first back 2 back player of the week and well deserved at that. In a big time showdown between the 2 top teams in the 8th grade division Colby didnt disappoint. He also did it in front of Ball is Life! He consistently made hard nosed drives to the basket using his strength and picked up some and 1's as well. Also, flashed a nice shooting touch from downtown. Very intense defender. Hard worker!

Sam Abbott - Team 60 - Sam is steady is as they come. Plays within himself and makes smart plays. True PG. Likes to get others involved and is good at getting in the paint and dishing. 

Grade 9 

TJ Lee - Team 69 - Romeoville High School - 6ft1 - PG/SG - 2024 -Jay flashed a good ability to slash and finish at the basket. He is crafty with the ball and has a lot of length which he uses well on the defensive end. Looks to be a real nice prospect with a lot of upside. 

Grades 10-12 

Tyler Van Gorp - Team 71 - New Trier High School - 6ft10 - C/PF - 2023 -Tyler's post game was on full display this past weekend. Demonstrated a nice hook shot and was active on the boards. He uses his length well changing many shots as well as making some nice blocks.

Jeremy Fears Jr. - Team 77 - Joliet West High School - 6ft1 - PG - 2023 - Jeremy showed why he is one of the top PG's in the country. It's his high basketball IQ and his floor general ability. Feels like he is playing at a different pace then everyone else. Never forces anything and is always looking to set another teammate up. When he needs to he can get to the bucket and score as well. Jeremy holds over ten D1 offers including many High Majors such as Maryland, Oklahoma St. Creighton, Iowa, and Missouri. 

Girls Grade 4

Coco Parr - Team 79 - Coco was balling out this past weekend. She is all over the place on defense. Had some real nice finishes down low and a few solid drives. But the defense was really impressive. Very active with her hands. 

Mairead Jensen - Team 80 - Mairead was on fire. Has a real nice jumper and it was hitting a lot. Has a high release which is impressive at such a young age. Scrappy defender and has good length which she uses well on defense. 

Girls Grades 5-6

Victoria Wainscott - Victoria is so tough. She is very strong and does not shy away from contact. She does a great job on the boards and has a soft touch around the basket. She is going to be hard to guard in the league!

Week 3

Grades K-1

Campbell Rudy - Team 1 - Campbell’s energy was through the roof. He was active and effected the game on both ends, pouring in baskets even hitting double digits!

Tyler Orzoff - Team 2 - Talk about Hustle, Tyler was aggressive getting to the basket, and generated a lot of turnovers. Tyler plays both ends of the court always trying to make a play.

Grade 2

George Hartman - Team 11 - George was active on the offensive end, generating points by cutting to the open area and finishing plays. With everyone wanting the ball to score it was nice to see some scoring productivity off cutting!

Gavin O'Neil - Team 14 - Gavin comes ready to play and it shows with his level of activity on both ends. Gavin had some nice shots, some boards, and some steals. Gavin did a little bit of everything and played hard.

Grade 3

Colin Jewett- Team 24- Colin was a walking bucket, every time I tuned into his game he was scoring. Whether it was shooting, attacking, or moving without the ball Colin was putting the ball in the hoop!

William Levi - Team 21 - William plays the game with passion and no breaks. Whether down or up William is bringing it. His level of energy lead to some great steals, baskets, and smart passes. William also displayed some sharp handles freeing him for some easy layups.

Grade 4

Bennet Hilbert - Team 32 - Bennet lived at the basket as he poured in layup after layup. He demonstrated a quick first step and ability to finish at the rim with some explosive finishes.

Denym Wallace - Team 34 - Diesel showed yet again why he is one of the players of the week. with some big offensive boards and nice put backs. He protected the paint, blocking and stealing the ball. He led his team with tenacious play and was vocal!

Landon Ginsburg - Team 25 - Landon plays team basketball with a squad that plays and trains together its no surprise they move the ball. Landon was a willing passer, making the extra pass. Landon also impacted the game with his movement, and ability to play some tough D.

Grade 5

Christopher Jewett - Team 38 -  You name it, Christopher was doing it. Christopher showed off his athleticism with some great takes and boards. Christopher also was able to find the open man with some great passes leading to easy baskets.

Bennett Johnston - Team 36 - Bennet was relentless. On the defensive end he was snatching boards in traffic, clogging up the middle getting steals. On the offensive end he could not miss hitting shot after shot down the stretch. With his team down he hit back to back deep shots, only to come up short because his foot was on the line.

Obayd Hussain - Team 40 - Obayd has been quietly doing his thing. Its time he gets the recognition he deserves. He has been scoring on a consistent basis and had a game where he poured in 16pts. Obayd can score the ball and is not afraid to show off his scoring package.

Grade 6

Matthew Logue- Team 43 - Mathew is a machine. From grabbing boards with those bear claws to aggressive takes with both the right and left. Mathew plays a physical game and is not afraid of the pressure moments. Mathew has had back to back game winners, one by scoring off the dribble with the left and the other hitting a corner shot.

Robert Mitchel - Team 47- Robert plays a smooth game and finds the balance of when to be aggressive and when to be passive. Robert has an ability to move the ball, and score in a variety of ways. Robert does a good job waiting for the gap to attack.

Grade 7

MJ Burns - Team 50 - MJ showed out in the game of the week. Facing one of the other top teams elevated MJ's game. MJ had some shifty and difficult finishes; he made the smart play and was able to impact the game on both ends. He owned the moment and played with a high level of energy.

Will Peters - Team 51 - Will is showing off his ability to finish in the paint and step out and shoot. You can count on Will to stretch the floor with his inside game and grab boards on both ends. His game does not stop their he can step out and hit the midrange as well. His ability to score without having the ball in his hands helps his team go.

Grant Ettelson - Team 58 - Grant has been quietly doing his thing and showed up again. His on-ball defense is relentless. he moves his feet well and has active hands. Grant also pours in the baskets. Grant’s motor is the key to his success.

Grade 8

Trey Meyers - Team 61 - With another big game against the top team, Trey showed up. From finishing in the paint to protecting the middle, Trey was working, while taking a lot of hits. Treys ability to battle in the paint helps open the court for his guards. Trey showed a great level of energy.

Grade 9

Sam Forst -Team 66 - Sam is a man among boys. Sam is big and smooth. You can count on Sam to own the paint. Sam is a walking double double owning the boards and scoring at will in the paint.

Jay Adebayo- Team 69- Jay was active scoring and found some baskets from some boards. Jay must be active as the ball is not in his hand a lot. Jay takes pride in his defense and moves without the ball.

Grades 10-12

Scott Switzer - Team 72 - Scott is shifty and smooth. With great change of directions Scott can beat you off the dribble and finish with a variety of finishes. He can also hit the long-range shot. Scott knows how to score the ball! He embodies his teams gritty compete at all cost nature.

Sherod Dent Jr. - Team 78 - Sherod plays at his pace and controls his defender with his ability to score at all 3 levels. He also knows how to use his big frame to create scoring opportunities. Sherod plays with passion and is always trying to make an impact whether its scoring or playing some solid defense.

Alex Engro - Team 73 - Alex is a knock down shooter with a very quick release. Alex uses his deceptive handles to free himself from deep. He plays off his ability to shoot to get to the basket. Alex is smooth and moves well without the ball.

Girls Grade 4

Hattie Holt - Team 80 - Hattie was active and played with great energy. Hattie was scoring the ball as well as moving without the ball.  On the defense end Hattie was scrappy and active on the help side.

Girls grade 5-6

Sophie Klie - Team 85 - Sophie was a walking bucket. Sophie was scoring at will and getting to the rim with ease. Sophie’s offensive success energized her on the defensive end. Making it difficult for her opponent to score

Caroline Bailey - Team 84 - Caroline made pass after pass. She did not need to score a lot to impact the game. She was racking up assists and made the extra pass often. Sometimes overlooked is the ability to take care of the ball and make key passes. Caroline did that to the T. 

Week 4

Grades K-1

Will Zufall - Team 3 - Green Team - Will was a work horse. His energy was through the roof. He was grabbing boards, stealing the ball left and right. His defense was relentless. he did a good job of making some good passes and was always looking to find the open man.

Brayden Stecko - Team 1- Brayden was getting buckets. He even had a came where he poured in 12 points. he did a good job of getting to the basket and was persistent in his attack.

Grade 2

Griff Randall- Team 9 - Hurricanes - Griff showed off his smooth stroke by pouring in 10 points. Griff’s game is well rounded but what cannot be ignored is his ability to shoot. He has a nice stroke and touch. Griff’s energy allows him to stay effective throughout the game

Gavin O’neil - Team 14- No Name No Problem - Gavin is a machine. He plays both ends of the court and plays the game with intensity. When he is not getting steals or board he is scoring. His ability and energy allow him to always have an impact on the game. He had a game with 12 points.

Anderson Burek - Team 12 - Ghost Peppers - The birthday boy showed out with not just his new hair style but his game. Anderson has been working and it showed. Anderson Is big, with a dynamic game. he had some nice takes and was a scoring machine, finishing with 14 points in a game.

Grade 3

Fadel Mikati- Team 15- Fidel has an incredible motor. He does not get tired. His play is unselfish and is a team player. He racked up the assist, finding the open man making sharp passes. He did not stop there he was getting baskets from driving and cutting; he finished a game with 16 points.

Campbell Farrell- Team 19- Campbell was consistent and scored throughout the weekend having 12 and 10 points he was not going to be denied. He played solid basketball and showed his ability to get buckets.

Finn Kerr - Team 20 - Chicago Heat - Finn was all over the court doing whatever his team needed to win. In the biggest moments Finn came through with a big board and the go-ahead basket to win the game. Finn does not need the ball to score. Not sure if he is related to Steve Kerr but he was clutch like him!

Grade 4

Tyson Adrianopoli - Team 25 - Hustlers - Tyson came up big against the big-time teams. He was dominant in a win and had two big games with 14 and 24 points. his ability to score is at the top of the league and he is getting better weekly.

James Blazo - Team 29 - Chicken - James was hot and poured in 12 points to go along with some stingy defense. James came ready to play and it showed on both ends.

Grade 5

Sam Bishop - Team 37 - No Name - Sam is shifty and can handle the ball. Sam used his handles to get to the basket and had a game where he poured in 12 points. Sam also did his part in playing some quality team ball consistently making the right play and sharing the ball.

Chase Ellis - Team 36 - Redemption - Chase was smooth out there and let the game come to him. He had some nice takes with both hands. 

Grade 6

Tyler VanderKamp - Team 42 - Blacktop Ballers - Tyler is athletic and strong going to his right. He is explosive at the rim. Tyler went off with 20 points and got to the basket at will.

Simon Stoltz- Team 46 - Washington Basketball Team - Simon is a smooth lefty who has some sauce. He can shoot and get to the basket. He is also a willing passer. Simon played some smart basketball and had a nice game with 10 points showing off his smooth stroke.

Charlie Sears- Team 44 - Travis Scott Meal - Charlie played aggressive and was focused on scoring the basket. You can usually count on Charlie for boards and defense, but he did it all this weekend, even had a game with 12 points.

Grade 7

Mason Bloom- Team 58 - Wolverines - Mason came up big in the game of the week. his powerful play and ability to get to the basket and finish was massive for his team, as they took down the top team in a dominate fashion.

Maks De Palo – Team 56 - Skunky Donuts - Maks was a man among boys. Using his great size to dominate the boards and down low. He was a true force and displayed some versatility in his game knocking down a 3 as well. Max led his team to a big win with 30 points.

Grade 8

Thomas Terry -Team 63 - Team Thomas - Thomas aka T time has unlimited energy and it shows when he plays. His activity level never drops. Not known as an offensive player Thomas quieted the haters with a massive game of scoring with 26 points.

Noah Gorman - Team 65 - Bucket Boyz - Noah payed tough and big. From guarding a way bigger guy, to knocking down 3’s, and making the unselfish play. He did it all. he was big in an epic come back and sealed the game with a great defense stop in the post.

Grade 9

Miles Cremascoli - Team 68 - Terminators - Miles played aggressive and was getting to the basket. Miles showed his ability to finish and has a game with 14 points.

Jay Adebayo - Team 69 - Certified Ballers - Jay can defend, score, and rebound. He moves well without the ball and does not need the ball to score. With his ability to do it all he has found himself back on the list for player of the week.

Grade 10-12

Sean Molloy- Team 71 - Dinosaurs - Sean is a strong guard who uses his body and handles well to attack the basket. His offensive game does not stop their as he can stretch the floor with his range. Defensively he is an active and prideful on ball defender using his strength to his advantage. Sean went off one game with 25 points.

Eben Ivey - Team 72 - Wasabi - Eben is big guard who plays the game with a high motor. With a versatile offensive game its hard for him to be stopped. Eben was consistent with 10 points and 16 points.

Girls Grade 4

Stella Rydland- Team 79 - Laser Cats - Stella Is a big-time scorer and an active player. she plays both ends of the court and went off with 14 points. Stella was able to score in the paint.

Izzy Allen - Team 79 - Laser Cats - Izzy had herself a weekend with 16 and 8 points. Izzy had a nice presence on defense as well and played consistently well throughout the weekend.

Girls grade 5/6th

Annie Connor -Team 83 - Harper Girls - Annie came up big with 10 points and big basket down the stretch. Annie was locked in and constantly found herself getting open and helping her team to a big win.

Week 5 

Grades K-1

Graham Fitzgerald - Green Team - Graham was a walking bucket. Graham had 12 and 6 points and showed his ability to get to the basket and move without the ball. Graham played with a ton of energy and was a leader on the court communicating to the squad throughout the games.

Grade 2

Avin Mehra - Mambas - It’s fitting his team Is called the Mambas as Avin plays with a Kobe mentality. He is always ready to go and leaves it all on the court. Avin showed a great ability to score the ball, pouring in 10 points, Avin also showed he plays the defense end doing a great job of guarding his guy and getting steals.

Jackson Smith - Ghost Peppers - Jackson got after it again having a big game with 10 points. Jackson has been consistent in his overall play throughout the league doing a little bit of everything.

Grade 3

Brendan McNelley - L.A. Goats 2.0 - Brendan also known as B was at it again. Getting to the basket at will pouring in layups and showing off his versatile finishing package. B finished the season strong helping lead his team with 16 and 10 points and getting two wins.

Quentin Saad - Clippers - Quentin showed up big doing whatever his team needed to win. Quentin came up big in 2 wins with 8 and 6 points.

Cameron Orzoff- Romana Mustangs- Cameron was a monster. Cameron is becoming the Russel Westbrook of the league with his ability to rebound, score, and attack the hoop. Cameron is relentless in his play and had to big games with 22 and 16 points.

Wesley Breithaupt - Chicago Heat - Wesley stepped up big and showed he is ready for the playoffs. Wesley stepped up his game and poured in 14 points in a game.

Grade 4

Tyson Adrianopoli - Hustlers - Tyson finds his name on the player of the week board again. Tyson has been sensational doing it all and performing at a high level consistently. Tyson had two big games with 21 and 15 points leading his team to an undefeated season.

Declan White - Stray Dogs - Declan showed up big owning the boards and dropping 16 points. Declan’s energy was the catalyst to his big game.

Will Jacobson - Covid Crushers - Will showed off his smooth game with some shifty moves and his smooth stroke. Will had a game of 10 points and looks to be heating up for the playoffs.

Grade 5

Ben Gold - Hot sauces - Ben was Aggressive attacking the basket consistently. Ben had a big game with 12 points. Ben is going to have to stay aggressive for his team to make a playoff run.

Sam Bishop - No Name - Sam is smooth and can handle the ball. Sam allowed his deceptive game and smooth handles to free him for 12 points. Sam played both ends of the court.

Grade 6

Tyler VanderKamp - Blacktop Ballers - Tyler is a work horse. Tyler uses his athleticism and strength to affect the game in multiple ways. Tyler poured in 14 points getting to the basket, and hitting 3’s. He did not stop their he also had over 5 boards. Tyler grabs the tough boards in traffic.

Will Miller - Da Boyz - Will is smooth. He can change direction on a dime. He can hit from deep or blow by you to the hoop. Will is also a willing passer, always trying to get his teammates involved. Will had 12 points.

Simon Stoltz - Washington Basketball Team - Simon is a smooth lefty and finds ways to score without the ball. He can score, pass, and board. Its fitting Simon had the go-ahead basket off an offensive rebound.

Grade 7

Danny Houlihan - Big Baller Company - Danny was getting buckets. Danny had two big games of 23 and 22 points. Danny showed a great ability to not rush and get to his spots on the court.

Charlie Logue - Purple People Eaters - Charlie plays the game with great energy. Playing physical defense, grabbing boards, and scoring. Charlie dropped 15 points in a game.

Grade 8

Ryan Ambrosino - Fishing Ballers - Ryan was aggressive getting to the basket and showing his quick first step. Ryan was able to finish in a variety of ways showing off his versatile scoring package. Ryan has 22 and 8 points.

Trey Myers - Fishing Ballers - Trey does a lot of the dirty work for his team as well as scoring. Try stepped up in a big way dropping 17 points. Trey can stretch the floor with his range.

Walter Garrett - Lakers - Walter was scoring at will. Working hard on the court and scoring from all over. Walter had 22 and 8 points.

Grade 9

Nigel Stephens - The Ballerz - Nigel plays with a high level of energy and often is making plays on the defensive end. He was big on both ends having 12 and 9 points.

Patrick Rocchio - Bulldogs - Patrick went off dropping 22 points. Patrick was sinking shots and getting the basket. He was really hitting his stride and looked comfortable out there.

Grade 10-12

Sean Molloy - Dinosaurs - 6ft2 - Lane Tech - 2022 - Sean is a strong guard with great body control. He does a good job of picking his spots and can shoot as well. Sean was big with 23 and 22 points using his strength to create opportunities down low. Sean can finish with contact and does a good job of using angles to score going left and right.

Tyler Van Gorp - Dinosaurs - 6ft10 - New Trier - 2023 - Tyler showed off his post-game with some smooth finishes with both hands. He also showed off his baby hook. At 6’10 and great finesse Tyler is a force down low he can also step out and hit the mid-range or 3. Tyler dropped 19 and 12 points.

Rocky Segal - Polo - 5ft9 - Highland Park  - 2022 -Rocky is an explosive guard with great hops. He can get the rim and uses his explosiveness and strength to finish with an array of moves. He bounces off defenders and has great body control to finish. Rocky can step out and shoot as well. Defensively Rocky moves his feet well and is physical. Rocky dropped 18 one game.

Matas Buzelis - Team Fears - 6ft8 - Hinsdale Central - 2023 -  Matas is a freak. He is long, athletic, and highly skilled. He can step out and shoot or dunk over you. With an explosive baseline Dunk Mata showed it all. With an injury to his right hand he shot his free throws lefty and did not touch rim, swishing them all. Matas showed his all-around game with some big blocks on the defensive side as well. Matas dropped 32 and 23 points.

Karlo Colak - Polo 6ft5 - New Trier - 2022 - Karlo has a big strong frame and great body control. Karlo can finish at the rim with both hands and over the defender. Karlo also has a great mid-range game where he can post you up and hit a smooth turn around. Karlo’s game is fluid and he play like a wing who can score the ball and use his big frame against smaller defenders. Karlo had 14 and 8 points.

Lukas Michel - Polo - 5ft10 - Evanston - 2021 - Lukas has great poise on the court and never lets the moment get to him. He has great hops and a quick first step. Lukas has endless range hitting a game winner from 10 feet behind the arc. There is no shot Lukas cannot hit.  

Brennan Ptak - Wasabi - 6ft1 - Evanston - 2023 - Brennan is the essence of a team player. he does the dirty work. he sets screens, grabs board, guards any position and is a willing passer. Brennan stepped up big this past week adding 10 points both games to the long list of what he does on the court.

Girls Grade 4

Annabelle Pastor- Hornets- Annabelle was getting busy. She was active and had some good cuts. She was aggressive attacking the hoop and dropped 8 points. she owned the paint.

Izzy Allen- Laser Cats- Izzy was a bucket. Dropping back to back games of 12 points. she can score from anywhere on the court. She utilizes a good jump stop to see the court and has a nice touch close to the rim.

Coco par- Laser cats- Coco is great on the defensive end. Using her length to protect the paint. Coco sets the tone buy playing hard, getting blocks, and moving the ball.

Girls grade 5-6th

Mia Kateley- Harper Girls- Mia did a great job of getting to the basket. She had some quick takes and stayed aggressive. Mia dropped 10 points. Mia also was great on the defensive end, stealing the ball and playing help defense.

Ellie Roberts- The Spicy Jalapenos- Ellie dropped 12 points showing she can do it all. Ellie was also active on the boards and defensive end making it tough to score and playing with high energy. 




Players of the Week