Week 5

Grades 1-2

Mikail Ozkaymak - Avoka jr vikings - Mikhail is a scoring machine. He can get to the basket and finish as well as hit jump shots. He also has the ability to take over late in games.

Caden Bennett - Mavericks - Caden was rock solid this past weekend. He has been one of the most consistent players in the league. Crafty with the ball and s good and slithering his way to basket. Look for him to be huge for his team come playoff time.

Grade 3

Hutton Smith - Fortnite Demons - Hutton single handedly outscored his opponents in the 1pm contest while helping his team tally a 1-1 record for the weekend.  Hutton made more shots than he missed and scored points in bunches.

Connor Colvin - Team Wakonda- Connor got hot from the field. His ability to make shots inside lead his team to a big victory. Hes craft getting to the basket and has a good hesitation move.

Chase Ellis - Breaking Ankles- Chase showed that he can attack to the basket or face up and hit contested jump shots. He did a good job creating space on his moves as well as getting his teammates involved.

Grades 4-5

Trevor Chung - Hi - Trevor showcased his elite ball handling again this weekend. He uses his handle to create space for his shot and to get to the rim.

Brayden Campion - Horse - Brayden was a 1 man wrecking crew this past weekend. He consistently beat his man to the basket and was finishing at a high rate. He has steadily improved throughout the league and is looking to take it to that next level come playoff time.

Grades 6-7

Seamus Head - Pineapples - Seamus was in best mode this past weekend. He was hitting his jumpers and attacking hard to the basket. When hes aggressive hes tough to stop. Look for him to be an x-factor for his team come playoff time.

Grant Lyons - Fluffy Marshmallows - Grant is as pesky as they come. His defensive energy is non-stop. He really was bringing it on the offensive end as well. Mid range jumper was on point. He was putting his team on his back!

Nikhil Lele - Cherrios - Nikhil stayed hot this past weekend. He really has been making big strides and building his confidence. Did a great job finishing at the basket and is bringing some craft moved as well. His mid range was going and flashing a nice 3 ball as well.

Grades 8-9

Greg Vitanovec - Warriors - Greg scored from all over the court as he continues to proved that his game and team are peaking just at the right time.  Not solely an offensive threat, GV enthusiastically loves playing defense and it showed through two victories this Sunday past.

Oliver Bishop - Dingers - Oliver exhibited a long range shooting touch, crafty ball handling wizardry, and finished at the rim with purpose.  He confused defenders on offense and took the game over since jump ball. Oliver is arguably the league's most difficult player to defend.  His buzzer beating layup capped off an exceptional scoring duel against the hot shooting Jack Burkman of Brick Fam fame.

John Hatsis - Fischers Squad - John carved up any defender attempting to guard him in the paint.  His soft touch in the low post was unmatched and even stepped beyond the arc and dropped a 3-pt basket.  Big John has been a nightmare match-up for 3V3 competitors.

Girls Grades 8-9

Sophia Palmer - Sister Squad - Sophia broke ankles, dished out dimes, and regularly got past defenders as if their feet were cemented. Sophia's stingy on-ball defense created chaos and turnovers while quietly and calmly leading her team to two solid team victories. Sophia may have the sickest cross-over in the league.

Catherine Burke - Sister Squad - Catherine was consistently efficient all day long as she utilized a "Blue Collar, Hard Hat" mentality to outwork her competition. Her post game was a spectacle to watch as she also rebounded the basketball with fervor.

Joelle Greif - Crushers - Joelle's 14 points in the 7:30 game equalled her opponent's entire team output.  Her energy on both ends of the floor is a necessity if the Crushers look to make a late season run for the Chip. 

Week 4

Grades 1-2

Gabriel foreman - Bulls- Gabriel hit some big shots and was very disruptive on defense. He forced a ton of turnovers.

Charlie Fitzgerald  Blue Fire - Charlie brought it this past weekend. Showing his lethal jumpshot. Made consistent big midrange jump shots and displayed toughness all over the court.

Grade 3

Dylan Sears - Striking Cavaliers - Dylan did a great job rebounding this weekend. He also made some nice passes to set his teammates up.

Evan Mueller - Dominator Sharks - Evan’s intensity and effort really made him stand out. He battles and did everything from scoring to defense in a tough loss. He has been a consistent performer and always brings it. Look for Evan to continue to battle down the stretch and make some noise come playoff time.

Grades 4-5

Christopher Kirkpatrick - Redemption - Christopher is an outstanding ball handler. He breaks down the defense at will. Once he gets to the rim he's good at drawing the help defense in and making a nice pass to the open man.

Henry Resis - Firecrackers- Henry is a big man that can finish inside with effectiveness and efficiency. He's got great moves inside and always uses the backboard.

Grades 6-7

Warren Tarbet - Kentucky Fried Tomatoes- Warren exploded on the scene Saturday. He proved himself as one of the top shooters in the entire league. He hit three pointers at will. He also showed that he can put the ball on the floor and break defenders down.  Will be an X-factor for his squad for the final stretch run.

Liam Fitzgerald - Wolfpack - Liam brings his high basketball IQ to the table every week. He let's the game come to him and once he sees an opening he gets to the rim and finishes.

Nikhil Lele - Cherrios - Nilkhil is starting to demonstrate the scoring power and court vision that helped earn him the MVP last year. Hes is becoming more assertive on the court. Hes also getting his teammates involved. Hes good at creating for others. When the defenders are forced to pressure him more because of his scoring ability hes great at using his court vision to put his teammates in easy situation to score.

Grades 8-9

Evan Kanellos - Da Bulls - Evan was locked in this weekend. He showcased all the skills necessary to be a top PG in his class. His passing is top notch and he proved himself to be a good scorer as well.

Brennan Ptak - Dingers - Brennan showcased his shooting ability again this weekend. If he's open you can add three points to the board every time!

Will Colvin - Snack Attack - Will played with no right arm due to injury. Having no strong hand and only playing with his left didn’t stop Will From competing and helping his team in whatever way possible. They lost a tough one to the Dingers in double overtime. Will's heart and ability to battle through adversity earned him a spot on this weeks Players of the Week.

Evan Fortier - Day School - He brings big time aggressiveness and wills his way to the basket. Starting to demonstrate the ability to take over games. Very tough on defense and knocked down many contested shots. Hes an explosive player on the court.

Girls Grades 8-9

Maisa Abudayyeh -Shakers- Maisa led her team to a big win over a team that beat them this season. She can shoot with the best of them and she's an elite ball handler and passer. Maisa’s consistent scoring helped lead her team to two close wins. Maisa plays clam under pressure and has ability to effect the game in many ways. Her poise and leadership will be key down the stretch to help her team reach the top. Look for Maisa’s play to improve as the pressure increases.

Kennedy Meier - Shakers- Kennedy showed that she can get to the rim and finish consistently this weekend. She also controlled the boards and played solid defense. She has been steadily showing more and more out there look for her to have help big in a playoff run.

Week 3

Grades 1-2

Will Jacobsen - Milky Ways - Will played great defense and was a spark plug on offense. He was a force on both sides of the ball.

Mikail Ozkoymak - Avoca Jr Vikings - Mikail was a scoring machine flat out! he was pouring in buckets at will. With a 12-point game and a outstanding 32 point game he put up some gaudy numbers. The Vikings went 1-1 on the weekend, expect more form Mikal as the season progresses.

Grade 3

Ben Gold - Striking Cavaliers - Ben has been close to player of the week multiple times this season. This week he had some great finishes at the rim that brought him over the hump.

Johnny Turansick - Fortnite Demons - Johnny was on a roll this past weekend. He made some craft moves and big finishes. His midrange jumper was spot on. Was strong with the ball and was breaking down defenders.

Grades 4-5

Rafi Naftali - Shark Kittens - Rafi showed improvement in his ball handling and he did a great job setting up his teammates. 

Elias Garbis - Hi - Elias knows how to use his ball handling to get to the basket and finish as well as being able to draw in defenders and make nice passes.

MJ Burns - Redemption - Burns was a force in all aspects of the game. With one of the better teams in the league thus far they tend to get complacent at times. Burns took it upon himself to motivate the team and led by example. Outside of his scoring and defense that was the spark plug in their two tough wins he was the first guy on the floor and letting teammates know to step their game up!

Grades 6-7

Henrick Conniff - Fluffy Marshmallows- Henrick is one of the more versatile scorers in this division. He has good dribble combos to create space and has different ways to finish around the basket. He can also step outside for some jump shots.

James Kaye - Wolfpack - James dominates the boards on both sides of the floor. He also hit some nice mid range jump shots.

Joe Quinn - Kentucky Fried Tomatoes - Quinn has always had heart and played bigger than he is. Quinn is a prototypical point guard he plays with pace and get his teammate involved. Quinn showed out with some nifty passing and some solid scoring he did what was needed to get some W’s. he played with great focus and energy

Grades 8-9

Tae Won Lillig - Day school- Tae won brings an intensity that is contagious to his teammates. He's a scrappy defender and an aggressive offensive threat.

Alec Siegel - Garbage Men- Alec looks unstoppable at times. He put up over 30 points in both games as his team was short handed. He hit threes, got to the basket and even threw a couple alley oops in their two wins this weekend.

Jack Parker - Da Bulls - Jack has been a bull on the court. Very poised and tough. Does not get rattled. Shows a solid midrange game and battles inside. Does a good job gaining position for rebounds and plays physical. Has really brought it on the defensive end as well.

Girls Grades 8-9

Phoebe Fox - Sister Squad - phoebe is as scrappy as they come in this division. She is disruptive on defense and extremely active on offense.

Sofia Palmer - Sister Squad - Sofia showed a complete skill set in one of the biggest games of the year. She played great defense, made nice passes and scored some key buckets

Maisa Abudayyeh - Shakers - Maisa plays with a high IQ and had a really good floor game. Made some key three pointers and some fabulous passes to put her teammates in good scoring position. Showing a solid presence on the defensive end as well.

Week 2

Grades 1-2

Michael Ambrosino - Bulls - Michael was a scrappy competitor in his games this weekend. He brought intensity on both sides of the floor.

Charlie Fitzgerald - Blue Fire - Was consistent throughout the day scoring big points both games and helping his team edge out some tough games. His leadership and scoring were crucial in these tight games. Expect big things from Fitzgerald to continue.

Grade 3

Nate Gold - Striking Cavaliers - Nate showed solid ball handling and impressive blow by speed. He is one of the top players in the 3rd grade division.

Bennett Johnston - Breaking Ankles - Bennett came to play. Very aggressive and really sparks the team on defense. Has a nice midrange game where he was knocking them down at a high clip this past weekend.

Graham Rose - Wakanda - Very active on the court. Gets to the right spot for rebound and has quick second jump to put the ball right back in. Moves the ball well and is the consummate team player. Has a solid jumper.

Grades 4-5

Isabella Ragone - Destroyers - Isabella did a great job rebounding and defending inside. Does a great job getting to the right spiot for the board and boxing out. She is also a vocal leader for her team.

Trevor Chung - Hi - He led his team in scoring with a big showing in game 1, in game 2 he added 4 in tough loss to one of the better teams. while his team came up short, his effort didn’t. he was work horse competed throughout. He didn’t back down even though they appeared out matched. Expect Chung to continue to improve throughout the league. Advanced ball handler!

Grades 6-7

James Kaye - Wolfpack -  Kaye was a force throughout the night. His size and force were too much for his opponents to handle. He appears to add a few inches each year and it helps his game. Kaye was getting to the basket at will and scoring in a variety of ways. Combining his scoring with some nice interior passing made him tough to guard. Expect Kaye to continue to be a force and his size a threat.

Joe Quinn - Kentucky Fried Tomatoes - Joe Quinn is a great teammate to have. He is constantly moving on offense and is able to slip backdoor for easy layups. He also stepped outside and hit a couple 3 pointers.

Grades 8-9

Greg Vitanovec - Warriors - Greg has proven himself to be a lockdown defender. He has the confidence and the skills to lock down the biggest threat from the other team.

Oliver Bishop - Dingers - Oliver is the most versatile player in this division. He showcases a different part of his game every week. This week he got to the basket with some incredible finishes.

Luke Hollack - Mt. Goats - Luke was a man possessed this past weekend! He was a manchild out there. Definitely came to play and brought energy. His overtime game winning bucket was big time! Was very active and aggressive.

Girls Grades 8-9

Maisa Abudayyeh - Shakers - Maisa can dribble, pass, and shoot with anyone in this class. She racks up a ton of assists. Crafty with the ball and a slick passer.

Joelle Greif - Crushers - Joelle was getting to the basket at will. She has blow by speed and can finish at the basket. Very aggressive with a quick first step.

Week 1

Grades 1-2

Charlie Fitzgerald - Blue Fire - Charlie played tenacious defense this week. He moved his feet well and forced a lot of turnovers.

Jake Morton - Blue Fire - Jake made some big time passes and set his teammates up for easy shots. He also had some clutch shots to help get his team a victory.

Mikail Ozkaymak - Avoca Jr. Vikings - Mikail slithered his way through the defense for some big bucket. Some nice jumpshots as well from the midrange. Hes a crafty player.

Grade 3

Evan Muller- Evan was a monster on Sunday. He dominated the glass with his rebounding and he lead his team in scoring during their two games.

Nate gold- Nate got to the basket at will. He was blowing by defenders with a smooth crossover and scoring at the basket.

Hutton Smith - Fortnite Demons - Hutton made his name out there! High energy and athletic. Was hard to stop on the court with some big scoring outputs.

Grades 4-5

Chris Kirkpatrick - Redemption - Chris showed a complete skill set. He handled the ball well, made nice passes, and scored at will. He will be a force in the league.

Christian Ballester - Firecrackers - Christian is an awesome team player. He communicates with his teammates and brings a ton of energy!

Danny Houlihan - Blue Devils - Very slick with the ball and attacks with power. He was tough to stop this weekend putting in some big buckets.

Maddie Chabot - Destroyers - She was a beast on the boards. Very good at finishing at the basket. She has a good hesitation move beating players consistently to the basket.

Trevor Chung - Hi - Trevor is a pass first PG who knows how to get everyone involved. But he can score with the best them as well. Had a solid opening weekend.

Grades 6-7

Teddy Dabrowski - Pineapples - Teddy was getting to the basket at will. He was able to finish as well as collapse the defense and find his open teammates. One of the best ballhandlers in the league.

Nikhil Lele- Nikhil showed a huge improvement in his passing ability and overall basketball IQ. He also hit some big threes and scored at the rim.

Ian Brown - Kentucky Fried Tomatoes - Ian has a crazy motor. Hes everywhere. Gobbles up rebounds. Showing an improved jumpshot.

Daniel Ryczek - Wolfpack - Daniel is a floor general. Hes very long which makes him hard to guard. Gets to the basket well and has some good finishing moved around the basket, Doesent force the action. Lets the game come to him.

Grades 8-9

Ethan Cummings - Fischers Squad -  Bring his hard hat and pale with him. Does all the dirty work. Ethan was all over the boards in his two games. He also showed a versatile offensive skill set. Very high motor. Was a beast this weekend.

Evan Kanellos - Da Bulls - Evan is one of the best ball handlers in this league Very high IQ. He  passes well and is a great decision maker. Can get buckets too.

Oliver Bishop - Dingers - Continues to grow as a player. Becoming one of the top 3 on 3 League players to come through the league. Strong and versatile. Knocks the 3 down at a high clip and crafty with the ball. Strong finisher.

Karlo Colak - Warriors - Karlo is a rookie in the 3 on 3 League but plays like a Vet. Big crowd formed when he squared up against Oliver Bishop. This kid can flat out play and wowed us. Slick ballhandler and long for the guard position. Great finishing package. One to watch!

Girls Grades 8-9

Paige Engels - Sister Squad - Paige showed that she has a high basketball IQ. She can pick the defense apart with her passing and her ability to score.

Rachel Zacks - Crushers - Rachel has a knock down midrange jumper and craft getting to the basket. Played consistent and strong.

Margarite Richardson - Margarite showed a lot of poise this weekend. She did a good job of letting the game come to her.

Maeve Kelly - Shakers - Maeve plays with a huge motor. She can score but what impresses us the most is her lockdown defense. Shes very hard to score on.

Catherine Burke - Sister Squad - Standing over 6ft tall its a surprise how coordinated she is already. She is strong around the basket with some solid drop step finishes. Shes a big addition to a team returning which was already stacked.

Players of the Week