• Shooting - Form, Release, 1-2 Step, Creating Space for the Shot, Follow Through
  • Dribbling - Combo Moves, Creating Space, Breaking down a defender
  • Defense - Stance, Position, Lateral Speed, Help/Deny
  • Rebounding - Getting Position, Sealing, Second Jump, Apex Catch
  • Mental Aspect - Toughness, Sportsmanship, Positive Attitude, off court maintenance, healthy lifestyle, Teamwork
  • Screen and Roll - Using and defending the screen plus Screen Reads
  • Footwork and Pivots - Triple Threat, Jab Step,
  • Creating for Others - Cutting, moving without the ball, Spacing, Ball Movement, Leadership, Being Vocal
  • Fun Competitive High Energy Drills!
  • Waiver form at the link above must be filled out prior to participation. Needs to be filled out only one time for the current year. Fill out a new waiver if any information has changed.
  • Players should have the following to each session: 1-2 basketballs, tennis ball or rolled up pair of socks, cone or  water bottle
  • Weekend classes with Coach J.C. make a ladder out of painters tape 10ft length by 3 feet width.
  • Small amount of space needed. Basket is not needed but can be used if you have one.

Virtual Training Full Curriculum

 Program Information


Boys and Girls Grades 2-12


Week 1: 3/30-4/3
Week 2: 4/6-4/10
Week 3: 4/13-4/17
Week 4: 4/20-4/24
Week 5: 4/27-5/1
Week 6: 5/4-5/8
Week 7: 5/11-5/15
Week 8: 5/18-5/22
Week 9: 5/25-5/29

*Possibly adding more weeks

*Players can do as many classes as they want

Virtual Schedule
Mondays through Fridays
Basketball Chat plus Q &A with Coach Kolton and Coach Winer
Skill Work with Coach Winer
Skill Work with Coach Kolton

Weekend Classes
Speed/Agility/Dribbling with Coach J.C. Swint
Shooting, Scoring, and Finishing with Coach Brendan Kolton

Strength/Conditioning/Dribbling with Coach J.C. Swint
Shooting, Scoring, and Finishing with Coach Brett Winer
Shooting with Coach J.C.

We are committed to giving players a chance to develop, grow, have fun, and get a break from the situation we currently face. We have set up a program that is enriching and beneficial for each player. This program allows them to develop, socialize, communicate, learn, and get a great workout in all at the same time. Each day through the ZOOM conferencing we will be teaching a variety of drills and concepts to help each player grow their games!


*Special Offer

Offering 20 hours of Classes a Week

-Choose any 5 classes: $30 - equals 6 dollars a class
-Unlimited 3 Weeks: $185 - equals 3 dollars a class