Winnetka Coyotes a community based program for players looking to represent their area and play competitive basketball. Our core teaching methods build offensive and defensive team principles, skill development, and fundamentals. The Coyotes promotes sportsmanship, teamwork, friendship, hard work, discipline, and a healthy lifestyle. We always provide professional coaching and challenge our players to become not only better players but better people.  Our number one priority is to improve the game of each player and teach how to play structured team basketball.

Winnetka Coyotes Winter Travel Info



  • Four month season 
  • Two practices a week
  • Approx. 18-22 games
  • Custom reversible uniform, practice jersey, shooting shirt, & gym bag.
  • Fee: $995
  • 5% family member discount for 2 family members or more. Inquire within for coupon code.

Tryout Information

  • Tryouts will evaluate the players skills through a number of drills and games.
  • Tryout groups will be broken down by age.
  • Players are required to attend one tryout and bring their own ball.
  • Players can come to more than one tryout.
  • Tryout Fee: $20 (Pre-Registration is encouraged)

Tryout Schedule


Winnetka Community House

620 Lincoln Ave. Winnetka, IL

3-4pm Boys Grades 3-4 (2nd Graders can tryout for the 3rd grade team)
4-5pm - Boys Grade 5 and Girls Grades 3-5 (2nd Graders can tryout for the 3rd grade team)

3-4pm Boys Grades 3-4 (2nd Graders can tryout for the 3rd grade team)
4-5pm - Boys Grade 5 and Girls Grades 3-5 (2nd Graders can tryout for the 3rd grade team)

*If you cannot attend one of the scheduled tryouts or makeup tryout contact us at


  • For Boys and Girls Grades 3-5
  • Season runs 11/11-3/8
  • No practice or games over holidays 11/27-12/1, 12/22-1/6, 1/20


  • Fielding multiple teams per grade level.
  • Teams will consist of 8-10 players per team.
  • Teams are divided up based on skill level. We place your child on the best fit team where they can grow with proper development and competition.
  • Teams play Approximately 18-22 games through League play and 1-2 local tournaments. Most games are on Saturday or Sunday. 1-2 games per weekend. 


  • Teams practice twice a week in the Winnetka area
  • Practices start no earlier than 5PM and finish no late than 9:15PM. Younger teams practice at the earlier time slots. Practices are 1 hour and 25 minutes long. 
  • Practices consist of skill development as well as building offensive and defensive schemes. Teamwork and defense are the backbone of our philosophy and is emphasized by each coach. Our goal is to build high IQ basketball players

Schedule Flexibility

We understand there are conflicts with other spring sports so we do our best to schedule practices/tournaments to not conflict. Also, if there are many players on one team with similar conflicts we will try and adjust the schedule accordingly


  • Teams will  play either in the North Suburban Basketball League (NSBL), Play Hard Hoops Travel League, City of Evanston Basketball League, plus 1-2 local tournaments.

Professional Coaching

All our coaches have an incredible amount of expertise and experience in coaching basketball. Each one has a passion for teaching the art of the game, offensive and defensive schemes, and the fundamentals and qualities necessary to be a great teammate and player. Their aim is for every player to bond and sync to become a strong unit who succeeds on the court as well as be great people and student athletes off the court. Sportsmanship and teamwork is a core philosophy of each of the Hoops4Health coaches. We also always stress the importance of nutrition, taking care of your mind and body, and excelling in school. ​

Nutrition Emphasis

At Hoops4Health teaching a healthy lifestyle is as important to us as teaching basketball fundamentals. Throughout the season players will be reminded about making healthy choices and nutritional sheets will be handed out. At the beginning of the season parents will be sent a healthy food option list to discuss with their kids. During the season there will be one special week dedicated to health and wellness awareness. We will be going over healthy decisions with the kids at practices and will also have some contests and prizes that reinforce healthy lifestyle habits.